WWE & EA Working Together!? Wrestling Video Game News!

Wrestling Video Game News!

Are WWE & EA Working Together?
Visual Basement's New Wrestling Game For Playstation 5 Update
Why Raven Was on the Cover of WCW/NWO Revenge

Intro Credit: 8-Bit Universe

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Topics Discussed In This Video: -

1. Wrestling Video Game News
2. WWE 2k19 Server Shuts down
3. WWE 2K21 Canceled
4. WWE 2K Battlegrounds
5. AEW Video Game


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  1. Rumors have always been around EA… Back then we would have loved to have an EA WWE game but nowadays…. Ewwww microtransactions

  2. Because at the time Raven just got to WCW and he was the United States Champion that's why and he was a pretty good wrestler he belongs on the front of the cover why not

  3. Imagine if its actually an AEW game? Could just be asking for someone that has knowledge of wrestling

  4. yes FIFA is a series of small tweaks and improvements every year but the NHL and UFC series are decent. EA is probably best placed to actually make a realistic looking decent quality wrestling game.

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