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British Food Section At Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati

Recently we took a short trip to Cincinnati to check out the British food section at Jungle Jim's International Store. For my money, this is the best offline place in the Midwest to get all your British favourites. Enjoy!

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  1. I. Like tea with milk and two sugars or I can just bout drink it without sugar, coffee the same, fruit flavored tea hot or cold peach tea cold is the best, chocolate I. Like is cadburys(the best) xxgalaxy chocolate is yummy ? too so is anything out of chocolate ?, jellybabies r yummy, biscuits esp chocolate covered ones, custard creams altho a tiny bit similar to golden oreos which either I could eat the whole packet!!! X marmite is the bomb thinly spread on toast, sandwhich spread and milky way mmmmmmm making me hungryxxx????????????

  2. There was a small supermarket chain which is now defunct here in California called Fresh and Easy.They had a British food section I loved to browse.Cost Plus World Market is THE place to indulge in foreign delights.I don't know if it nationwide or not.

  3. I can't believe you didn't point the camera up into the treasure room in the tree hollow! So cool! Also, did you go to the movie theater in the store and watch The Jungle Jim's Experience?

  4. Never forget to appreciate your wife's massive jugs, my wife has massive jugs too and I often forget about them unlike when we first got together when I couldn't get enough… … never forget.

  5. My great-grandmother was thoroughly British. The other side was German and Norwegian. I like canned fish, bratwurst and tea. I'll have to visit that store. What do the Welch eat? I have that in me as well. Perhaps mutton? I've had that. Not bad.

  6. Most of those British Foods were made by American food companies. The only thing the American food companies did was renamed the American Products a different name for England. So those are not English products those are American Products that was imported to England and imported back to the

  7. I just came across this video, I LOVE Jungle Jim's. I was born in and grew up in that area, lived within a 15 minute drive. Happy to see you had a chance to visit and dig it as much as I do. I live 3+ hrs away now, but stop in every chance I get as I still have family in the area.

  8. The English sweet section is still pretty full!! ??‍♂️ come one Americans this stuff is so tasty!

    These foods explain why our teeth are shit!! Lol

  9. I never understood Heinz baked beans being British food. I live about 100 miles from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and that's where Heinz makes pickles and ketchup. Is there a different Heinz company in the U.K.?

  10. You can find food from all over the world in nearly every city in the US. One kind of restaurant you never usually find is a British one.. you know why? Because unless your raised on the food it generally sucks lol. I mean even in England the national dish is Curry.. they don't even like their own food lol :)

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