SEGA Confirms NEW Sonic 2020 Game Reveals?? (Speculation & News)

The Sonic event is happening VERY soon now, and SEGA have given us some juicy new information regarding new games for 2020! Let's discuss it and why I believe that this may lead to new Sonic 2020 games. #Sonic2020 #SonicMovie #SonicMovie2020

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  1. Are you guys excited at the potential of new Sonic game reveals next month?? I think it's absolutely a sure thing, so lemme know what y'all think! Thanks for the support ?

  2. I feel like the next sonic game would have to do on what happen to classic egg man in manias DLC and that it’s probably going to be like forces and mania again with that stupid ruby that I really wanted that ruby to be destroyed already so the hole ruby thing can be over with we’re I feel like we’re going to get another game with modern and classic sonic again in the modern world but with classic egg man been in the game and I hope no custom character this time and ones the ruby is completely gone that it won’t come back classic sonic and classic egg man can finally go back to there dimension or timeline or whatever and stay there at the end of the day until maybe one day we get maybe generations 2 but I can at least hope for that sense generations was really fun and is one of my favorite games so anyone can hope and dream right


  4. Ok…. Imma say this….. Never expect ANY GAME to be out at soonest convenience. There are a couple exceptions in this case but guess what! The longer it takes a company to make and release a game! Means the better it's gonna be! Look at Breath of the wild! It took more than what, 4, 5 years to release and that ended being one of if not the best game of the century! Give Sega some damn breathing room! Cause guess what! You know why Sonic 06 was bad? Because Sega was constantly being rushed! And no-one give me the "Oh but Sonic is their mascot! They have to go fast!" Ever heard the saying, slow and steady wins the race? Yeah! That's what Sega needs! They need support! They need a balance and a decent portion of either gamers or Sonic fans aren't giving them the chance to find that balance. Sega is quite literally on a balance beam, trying to find that perfect center! So anyone who trys to argue just know this. Why did the Dreamcast and Sonic 06 fail? Sega went to FUCKING FAST! They are just getting their footing again, so anyone who says "I want a Sonic game in 'put very short timeframe here'." You are one: asking the impossible. Two: Being an ignorant asshat. And three: You have no DAMNED RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF A GAMER! Being patient is part of being a good gamer! Speedrunners even have to wait and slowly memorize the best pathes to take before they do what they do! So… Do everyone a favor if you are one of those impatient asses and shut the hell up.

  5. Im really looking for a game that brings back generations / unleashed (day time) from sonic team themselves. And i'm going to get a bit mad because if this game goes terrible in terms of music , level design ,(etc) the last time I played generations was 8 years ago , I was only young and it feels like thats the only sonic game I've really liked since then. TSR I lost interest in it in a few months.. If this game was to be good Wouldn't they need to get the people that worked on unleashed again? + the hedgehog engine.

    No classic sonic. Loved him in generations but NO MORE.

  6. I don't care how long it takes to have a sonic game. As long it is good.
    I mean, I was hyped for Force and loved the first time I played it. But when I tried to replay it, I saw so many things that were faulty. Outside the box, the OC was a nice idea. But when you play the game and see what they give to you… It's a fairly disappointing. It's understandable why Classic was there, but I feel like the Phantom Ruby arc could have been a three part game. One with classic. One with present sonic. And the last one with all together. And I hate the fact that I needed to read a external product to understand the plot. I didn't understand most of the things in Forces, they didn't explain properly.
    If they plan to give me another mobile racing game and then rush the game development process to give me a lame poorly scripted or bugged game (06). Count me out

  7. I don't want another remake. Please, I just want a good modern game. I've been playing Sonic Adventure recently and even though I grew up on the boost formula I fell in love with the Adventure style. I just want Sonic to 1. Go fast (obviously) 2. Control well 3. Either go with Adventure formula or a mashup of adventure and boost bc boost is kinda boring to me now. Fan engines like Sonic Project Hero or Sonic Islands are what I want in a real game. And also, no more classic sonic or gimmicks like that. Sonic has like 20 friends??? Why cant we play as any of them anymore??

  8. Classic Sonic should get his own games since Sonic Mania sold so well. His games should be separated from Modern Sonic.

    They should keep it in the pixel style or Sonic Generations style.

  9. I would be excited for a new sonic game if SEGA knew what they were doing but they clearly don't. I miss when Sonic had consistent lore like back from the genesis games-Adventure era

  10. Dude Forces was a garbage fire due to the fact that sega said "Screw it we'll give the dev team a year to come up with story and gameplay mechanics, and why not put classic sonic in there too, oh and since we are out of ideas lets keep the wisps ." We need to all hope that the game comes next year so that segas devs actually have time to make the sonic game right instead of another Sonic forces.

  11. The last good sonic game is sonic generations
    Sonic mania doesn’t count since it was at first a fangame (sonic discovery) wow a nine year gap, that’s crazy

    Edit. Team sonic racing doesn’t count I’m talking about main sonic games

  12. I just really hope this franchise isn't discarded in a way SEGA did with Super Monkey Ball anytime soon. It would absolutely suck to see a series I was so fond of in my childhood go to waste along with the media I've consumed from [former] content creators such as Cobanermani456, Etika (Rest In Peace), and other internet personalities. My life quite literally revolved around this medium, and is a huge part of what shaped me into what I am today.

  13. I'm happy if it is true. The only catch is if it's a boost game. I miss the 3d sonic games like adventure and adventure 2. I grew up with these and if they want me to buy it they need to make a in depth story like in the past. Sonic forces story I strongly dislike and the game had few content and I beat it within an hour AZ and a half of getting the game.

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