Demon Slayer PS4 Game News Update On Playable Characters & Gameplay Coming Soon?!

Demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba video game developed by cyberconnect 2 was revealed a bit ago but we have not gotten a new trailer or reveal since. We may be getting something soon though.
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  1. There probably waiting for the movie to drop the release after that for the maximum hype. The movie is going to cover an amazing arc and would be fitting for how the game will end. So thats what im thinking.

  2. kimetsu no yaiba for JUMP FORCE if we can made them change the game for more options in the next gen console
    – Can you create and infinity tournament with friends 2vs 2 or more ?

    1 -Can you put new techniques of fighting for all the characters on all console ( ps4 for exemple R3+L3 and the same for xbox) please!! ?

    2- Can you add more than 3 Stage Transitions for 1 map,

    3-Can you create a final ultimate team technic with 6 stage or more ,when all get max awaken? please

    4-Can you put more than 2 players by match in a private party? with a timing of 120 minutes or more?

    5-Can you create a map like we can hide and seek or destroy the building to hide the opponent ,without time? please

    I hope with all my heart that it will be sooner

  3. I would like ACTUAL news instead of theories
    But my god…CC2 is being way too silent about this game

  4. Am i the only one who think that they will reveal something big (of the game obviously) on 17 May/18? Because the manga ends on 17 May and since the game follows the manga, maybe they are gonna show something when it ends.
    I hope so lmao

  5. I hope it’s not an Arena Fighter, it’s gonna suck big time otherwise. This game, despite having a banging manga, is gonna flop unless something big changes.

  6. still waiting for a bleach type ninja storm game ?? it’s gonna be the best arena fighter we ever seen

  7. Hope it's a different playstyle
    I don't want it if that just Fighting in arena, it's just like you play Naruto/BNHA/OPM/JumpForce with Demon Slayer Character and nothing different

  8. I know some people are gonna hate me but I personally think the storm series sucks I hope demon slayer ps4 is like dbz xenoverse 2 without flying

  9. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 had 5 other games*
    1) Ultimate Ninja Storm
    2) Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    3) Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
    4) Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
    5) Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

  10. Demon slayer needs to play like either dark souls, Nioh, or Devil May Cry. I can’t imagine this game being a fighter at all, I hope not.

  11. God, ninja storm got boring fast, and demon slayer has too many power gaps in characters to ever make this legitimately fair, I don't know how this'll work

  12. Hm, not bad but the problem is it gon to come out before the ps5. If not, there might be a ps5 version too then.

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