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K&J Seafood in Cincinnati Ohio

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  1. All of these people commenting just to criticize you is fuckin rude. I don't know why people feel the need to comment if they don't like you. I really can't figure out how your lifestyle and your food choices and your ARMS OR BRACES affect anyone's life??? It sure doesn't affect mine. I enjoy all your videos and if you are feeling a bit sick or whatever or you just plain didnt feel like throwing a bunch of makeup on then SO BE IT, GOSH DAMN. Women are always being shit on if they don't wear makeup. Everyone's opinion of your life shouldn't matter. Please don't take it to heart.

  2. Couple of glenches in your video going fast pace, But the food looks good

  3. I’m so sad with this video in so many ways! That smacking is even uncomfortable and she looks so sick.. ?

  4. no disrespect to Blove but I feel like now she’s just so selfish with those ad cents that she doesn’t take care of herself….

  5. You cannot have surgery and continue to eat spicy and greasy food, it's so not healthy. Stop with the surgeries sis, I'm concerned about your health

  6. Y'all Be CAREFUL What You Say Because Your Tongues Are A Double-Edged Sword!!!! She Doesn't Look Sickly To Me Just Exhausted Or Tired.. Blessings To Everyone Stay Faithful!!!!!

  7. Ok the video is good in the beginning but like after you said in and out that's when it became a problem with your video. I didn't know what went wrong but, you started to kinda move like a Robot LOL ?

  8. Well all can agree that this is taken a tole on you , your family and your health. You taking a break wouldnt hurt you or any of us as long as we know you’re okay and you’re happy. Get you some rest Blove, we love you ? & we got yo back ❗️✨

  9. You need to lay off the seafood because it has a lot more cholesterol than meats like pork beef and chicken

  10. Why r y'all messing with her like y'all r so negative beyond stop overly analyzing her videos how bout u try film n product u own stuff

  11. OMG I'm gaggin listenin to her chompin and smackin like a cow. UGH why is coughing and gagging disgusting. This restaurant should sue her for running people away

  12. How in the hell she eats so much in one setting? That's gluttony like hell. I would of gotten full in no time. Like does she fast for 2 meals and then just gorge herself with food? Does she smoke weed? like does she got 2 stomachs? Is there a hole in her stomach? I need answers here ?

  13. so much negativity in the comment section…. like if you don't having nothing nice to say keep it pushing. she's really not forcing anyone to watch her videos. how ya'll really take your time out to watch her then criticise is beyond me. weird flex ….very weird but ok.

  14. I said the same thing she doing to much with the chewing & smacking , I love her but ion wanna watch this one at all ??‍♀️ she do look tired and weak ?

  15. Omggggg the chewing! It’s gotten so much worse since she first started! Been watching for a long time but this is just disgusting!

  16. These YouTubers eat a pot of crab a day with that high sodium b love sauce, looks good. But seems excessive.

  17. Man I'm from Cincinnati where is that at it looks really good. Cincy crab b banging too but girl stop smacking lol

  18. Sooo I been watchin her for a min. And today I looked up this seafood place bc I’ve been trying to find a good sea food place in cincy and just found out she from cincy too. Please come over and teach my mama and I how to make it ourselves???

  19. Best place in my city to get ya seafood! Mf bed not be hating on dem either! Cant believe yall in the comments dogging this woman like this!! Lames

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