Star Trek Online (PC) | Game News (The Borg Lock Box)

Hello Captains! This is your host, Brent Justice and welcome to my channel JustGaming4Us. In this video I'm going to share the latest game news in Star Trek Online on the PC from the main webpage. I will go over all the new sto updates and news relevant to the game.

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  1. I haven't seen the episode in a while. I had forgotten about the transwarp thing. That would have been a cool addition.

  2. The Borg Lockbox looks awesome!! Stared saving zen and lobi, i plan to open 100 to 200 Borg Lockboxs and hope i get the lot :)

  3. I think that it would be from a liberated borg faction to get an borg ship pack. Like the did with the dominion also have it give you access to the Assimilated skin for any ship

  4. I saw a long ago that there are people out there who have hacked the game prices for things over-inflated because

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