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Why don't Cincinnati homeless go to shelters?

We asked experts and homeless people in Cincinnati about the factors that can keep someone in need of help away from shelters.


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  1. It's a real shame that these people are homeless. It's an even bigger shame that their actions are going to force businesses to close when people stop coming downtown. Cincinnati is starting down a path that will only lead to more poverty. Clevelannati in the making.

  2. I was homeless for 2 years while working at labor works until i got hired on. Now i got my own apartment. Whats your story besides being a lazy bum. If you can't help yourself then what makes you then the city is going to help? If i can make it. So can you

  3. There isn't a homeless problem there is a hopeless problem.I am homeless and I am getting on my feet but many homeless I met are just hopeless af and gave up I'm hoping to help find a solution kindness from people would be a start Cincinnati treats homeless like they don't exist by ignoring them.You don't have to give money but say hi acknowledge them it's better than money.

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