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A Haunted Tour of Cincinnati, Ohio – Travel Channel

Traveling bartenders Ashley and Linz visit a haunted dredge boat on the Ohio River and a bar in Wilder, Kentucky, thought to be a portal to Hell.

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  1. U shouldn’t even show Findlay market on these shows. Tourists will try to go there and end up lost in over the Rhine…not where u want to get lost at. Bout a 9.9 on the HOODasFUCK scale….

  2. Bobby Mackeys, not in Cincinnati… like an hour away at least…lol… very scary place tho. Haunted as a mofo!

  3. If you think Ohio is hell no sorry Arizona is. Believe it or not Arizona is called hell . Please visit here .

  4. Great video! How about a shoutout for Columbus Ohio. Lead investigator Tyler Snyder here the explorers of the unexplained check us out!!

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