BAD NEWS On AEW Video Game! Cody Rhodes Provides Honest Update (AEW Game News)

BAD NEWS On AEW Video Game! Cody Rhodes Gives His Honest Update (AEW Game News)... Subscribe For More WWE, WWE 2K Battlegrounds & AEW Coverage! Turn On Notifications? & Hit The LIKE ??

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  1. its also good for a delay we could get a bigger Roster and new match types that happen during that time frame

  2. Hopefully we get more updates soon, maybe once things go back to normal! I’ll keep you guys posted as always! ?

  3. I wanted 2k21 but I want a better game than 2k20. 2k20 was kinda awful and irs a shame. They put to much into theat extra stuff such as 2k originals

  4. Of course it’s going to take time to make a good video game and Real AEW fans will be ready when it comes out I just hope they don’t disappoint us like WWE 2K20 did !!!

  5. 2k21 was canceled before they fucked and thought they could use 2k18 code and just build over it with their own stuff and failed not because of the virus.

  6. They need to take all the time they need to make this game. A first game needs to have a good impression.

  7. This virus has screwed things up but I rather for AEW to put out a good working game instead of another 2K20.

  8. Read between the lines the AEW game has been nothing but all talk. Very disappointed as this game was fans only hope to have a decent wrestling game again.

  9. 1:45 i never got a chance to play WWF No Mercy well i guess that's because i was a year old when that game came out

  10. If they come out even in 2021 then Its still a win over the 2k battlegrounds rubbish this year

  11. i wanted to play it ;c
    hope its ready when they think it's ready prob next year or 2 because they need more time

  12. It's way too early for an AEW video game they haven't even been around for a year most of their roster consists of alot of indie guys that most people dont know besides Jericho, moxley and Kenny they should let the company build and grow a few more years until it gains a lot more popularity they're no where near WCWs position or even TNA in 2010 to make a game they're are just starting off it will be a bad investment to make a high quality game that in return will make little profit they will lose money if they invested in a game right now

  13. better a delayed good game than a rushed bad one so eh its the way things have to be if we want a good game.

  14. I don't even watch wrestling anymore but I will buy an AKI style game day one. Love me some No Mercy and Revenge.

  15. Cant get on this as being bad the virus delayed alot of things',thanks. Bring on the aki engine!!?

  16. Delay is not a big deal, it just means more time to delevop the game and make it better and refined. Its better than a rushed game.

  17. It's gonna take awhile not only because of covid-19, because this is there first game and they're taking their time make the game right. Allow me to quote "You can't rush art."; this is something that most game developers should take note of, especially WWE 2K developers.

  18. Y’all I heard that they were going to realese2k20 on December but of course idiot wwe fans not saying everyone wanted it on October now think if it was released in December would the graphics be better less glitches?

  19. This is not bad news if they want to take their time and make the Best game Possible then I’m all for it like I said this is not bad news

  20. I hope that they just take their time and deliver a proper game every wwe game has sucked and just became a button pusher instead of any fun real feel Aew definitely are more in touch with fans

  21. At this point, after WWE2K20 I would rather a good game that takes 2-4 years than a shitty game that comes out each year.

  22. WWE 2k21 was not cancelled due to the coronavirus lmao how do u think that? 2k20 was so bad they decided to take a year off and instead are releasing battlegrounds. Nothing to do with coronavirus.

  23. Rumour has it 2k is going to listen to fans and give us the WWE game we have been wanting for years would be great if the AEW game was like no mercy

  24. More time to work on this game will probably not be bad because more tweeks on it could make it perfect

  25. Meh, even if it does suck, the basement dwelling virgins of the IWC will still buy it in droves.

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