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How To Make Cincinnati Chili And Coneys

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2lbs Ground Beef
4 cups Water
~2Tbsp Beef Stock Paste
1 Onion
2Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
2tsp Worcestershire Sauce
2.5Tbsp lot of Chili Powder
16oz Tomato Sauce
1oz Chocolate
2tsp Garlic
1tsp Cinnamon
1tsp Cumin
Some Salt
A couple dashes of Cayenne
1 dash of All Spice
1 dash of Cloves
2 Bay Leaves
A little Pepper
Red/Kidney Beans
Tons of Cheddar Cheese
Yellow Mustard

Serve on Thin Spaghetti or a Boiled Hot Dog. Oyster Crackers on the side.


Drink break and ending music by Phil's very talented brother.
Check out his SoundCloud here:

"Clash Defiant", "Discovery Hit", "Motivator", "Peace of Mind", "Quirky Dog"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. I like this fucking guy so much that I only watched 2 minutes then subscribed. I wanna kick back and have a few with this guy. Seriously hit a brother up. No homo

  2. Just saw this vid..noticed you have an IG! I had an IG (passed about 3 yrs ago). They are THE best dogs!

  3. Woow! You are like the most wow like dude, like! Like wow! Like, if I was like there I would like hug you, like!

  4. A Cincinnati chili video with a guy who bought is wedding band at a Kroger (which originated in Cincinnati). This video is so Cincinnati I feel like I’m late to pick up my daughters at the school of performing arts downtown I’m dreading the drive thru OTR

  5. I've actually worked at Skyline. A tiny secret they mix tomato paste in with their noodles so they are kinda coated with it and it helps the sauce adhere to the noodles a bit better.

  6. Dude, finally someone who knows how to make Cincinnati Chili. The first time I tried this magnificent dish was when I was relocated to Cincinnati from Louisiana (worked on river rigs) and the guys there were insistent that I try this chili (it was Gold Star, but then I found Sky Line….they both rock, but the latter has a skosh more of that 'je ne sais quoi'. Well, suffice it to say, that first bite was INSTANT love. Now, after many moons and presently residing in New England, I have converted multiple people to this dish and have actually taught a few as to how to make it. Yeah, this stuff is like crack, man! Oh, and I'm a five way kinda guy and damn proud of it. Awesome video and you have a new subscriber.

  7. You do not boil the meat. Yes it is watery at the restaurant. But that's because they dilute it at the restaurant. I used to work at the skyline commissary and we cooked the meat in 900 lbs vats. When it gets to the restaurant then they add the water. They also shred the cheese at the restaurant.

  8. Skyline chili is physically addicting….because it is loaded with Glutamic acid!!! It is the tarula yeast that mimics MSG. So….yeah….three trips is all you need to become an addict.

  9. It would be worldwide if someone didn’t eff-up and call it “chili”.

    It’s an amazingly tasty food that I eat with regularity, but it’s an AWFUL chili!

  10. Great video but one glaring error. Dude….it's Cut, Scoop, Pull!!!!! You don't just stab the fork in that gorgeous bowl and twirl!!! That crap will get you tarred and feathered. You need all layers of goodness…so remember…Cut, Scoop, Pull!!! This allows you to bypass the bib as well because lets admit it…you look stupid wearing the bib in the restaurant.

  11. I feel like the majority of this video was dude just babbling and dumping a bunch of shit into a pot. It was hilarious and well worth it! Subscribed and will def check out your other vids.

  12. Love your channel & your Skyline chili is on ? Making it tomorrow for hubby w/fish ? I know that’s not how our hometown eats it, but it’ll be incorporated with his Friday Fish Fry – thanks 4 the video. Yes, I subscribed to your channel because of your personality ?

  13. This is the coolest guy ever. Thanks for the recipe. I'm in love with Skyline. Even ordered cans of the stuff through Amazon

  14. Nice try, but doesn't look very authentic to me. I tried licking the screen, I guess I'll never know for sure.

  15. This is what you get when you add alcohol with every spice in your pantry… Can’t say I haven’t cooked like this before!

  16. I remember the first SkyLine Chili at Ohio St. it was my first time and had a roommate from Cinci….we practically ran there…

  17. This was probably the most Cincinnati video I’ve ever watched lol. Except for when you ate the 5 way. You never twirl. You chop some off with your fork and scoop it. But nice touch when you warshed the beans in the crick. ??

  18. Your first mistake was to use a masher to try and break up the ground beef. Instead, use your hands to break it up into a nice, soupy consistency before you turn on the heat. That's the only way you'll get it smooth so you don't need to use a blender.

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