In this video I FULLY discuss & breakdown the recent news of well-known gaming industry veteran Geoff Keighley announcing the "Summer Game Fest" event taking place from May through August, where we will be receiving a plethora of publisher news, in-game events, playable content & demos, and much more! This pertains to a multitude of upcoming games, and a few of the companies attending this event is none other than PlayStation, Square Enix, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which could indicate potential news updates and/or reveals of Marvel's Avengers, Spider-Man PS5, and the heavily teased Batman game! What gaming surprises lie in store for this event? Fingers crossed it's something truly amazing! Thank you all so much for watching True Believers, and make sure to like this video, share, comment, and subscribe!

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  1. I am really interested to see now ? i can't wait to see and also what's your thought about on this games

  2. they have to announce spider-man ps5. i would be happy with even a confirmation that the game is happening. and the black suit. need that.

  3. This is so exciting and wholesome. I really hope this becomes a big thing. To this day, videogames have always made me feel better during times I was depressed and I'm pretty sure everyone right now is just sad as heck so this could really brighten a lot of people's mood and keep everyone pushing forward during these insane times. Really looking forward to what they got to show?

  4. I’m telling you rn, if they show a Spider-Man Ps5 teaser with him in the black suit. It’s going to steal the show.

  5. I’m really pumped and open for surprises here.
    This has the opportunity to really blow us away, so let’s hope!???

  6. 10 minute demos are fine if we can replay them. downloading a game for hours to play 10 minutes would suck just give us a e3 type game demo with limited features

  7. Can someone please explain how they are going to this,are they announce things monthly or weekly please explain ?

  8. My most anticapeted game of 2020 is Marvel's Avengers but I also can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077

  9. If they do an avengers demo it HAS to demo on pc as well. Because I’m worried my laptop won’t be able to run it and that demo will be the deciding factor so I need this

  10. The marketing for the avengers game is shite, I'm not confident to spend a lot of money on this game

  11. 飛行機が空から落ちるとき、鳥が歌うのをやめるとき、子供たちが泣き始めるとき、そして世界が暗くなり始めるとき、あなたはライミ・シル・ファクトリーが生み出す悪さを知るでしょう。狂気です。絶対狂気。

  12. All I want is to see Batman gameplay I just recently got a PS4 not to long ago and I’m a Xbox guy and I really enjoyed spider man hopefully they show a trailer for spider man 2

  13. wheres the old spiderman intro music from that old tv show that had that weird art style that i forgot the name to

  14. So would marvels spider man ps5 be available on ps4, or would it just be a ps5 exclusive?

  15. No way in hell a game like batman that hasn't even been confirmed is getting a demo even though I'd love one

  16. I remember in the early years of PlayStation big name game studios always put out some kind of demo for people to play

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