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Who Invented Cincinnati Chili? | Explore Cincinnati History

AV176 - What exactly is Cincinnati Chili? Explore Cincinnati history by finding out who invented it? Get answers to these questions and more in this classic 2017 ErvTV Adventure Vlog.


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  1. We had some friends growing up who were from Cincy and shared their family Chili recipe. So, I grew up eating it as well. That stuff is insanely good. Adam black sent me a packet of skyline for Christmas xD

  2. So cool that you have a logoed tshirt for your channel. Don't think I have ever tried Cincinnati chilli. It looked delicious. Can never have too much cheese!!

  3. I'm originally from Cincy, married a Greek from RI and am living in RI now. Cincy chili is a Greek meat sauce that Greeks serve over pasta. Out here in RI, the Greeks took it in another direction-they mince the meat finely and serve it over a wiener with minced onion, mustard and celery salt- to die for! I have a feeling the original creators of Cincy Chili were Greek. The meat sauce is called Kima: chopped onions,minced garlic, butter ground beef, salt,pepper tomato paste. water, cinnamon, clove. They actually sell packets of the spice mix here so you can make your own "Hot Wiener" sauce. Good stuff!!!

  4. Empress is the best, Camp Washington, Blue Ash, Gold Star, Dixie, Skyline, can't really go wrong, , , ya either love it or not, visitors are bombarded with it, , it's all Greek, ,

  5. empress has a specific aroma. I can remember walkin into my Mo'dear (granny) house and smelling emperess :)

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