Huge Star Wars Game News! – New Game Reveal Next Week, Battlefront 2 Patch and More!

In this video we discuss the latest Star Wars Game News! New Star Wars Game is set to be revealed as early as next week, Battlefront 2 news recieves a new patch and Star Wars Battlefront 2 now on Playstation Plus!

Do you think we will see more than just Project Maverick at EA Play? Let me know in the comments!

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Thankyou for watching and may the Force be with you.


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  1. Im just hoping EA does the unthinkable and reveals battlefront 3. That would completely remake the reputation of ea for me. But, wishful thinking:/

  2. Anybody remember the old Star Wars: The Clone Wars game for the PS2 and Xbox 360? The one where you drove basically only vehicles around? I hope Project Maverick is something like that.

  3. A vehicle based game for fuck sake EA just give us the open world multi player game burned out pvp type games got boring need more story based games but multiplayer

  4. Maybe a game centred around a Jedi youngling and their journey to become a Jedi knight in the old republic era?

  5. I believe they should make a new star wars game, something different that everyone would like that's not battlefront, we just got a battlefront.

  6. I love your videos you straight to the point and I love it. Anyway I just hope they update the new game a lot battlefront2 just died cuz they never updated it

  7. It should be a open world game like how the lego star wars game is suppose to but with every planet every ship every character and you can customize them so you can be a jedi bounty hustler that survived order 66.
    That would be a game

  8. I do wish they would put something where you can put your credits/crystals towards leveling up units/ships/heroes ?. I mean you have the celebration edition you have all skins so it's abit of a eye sore seeing all those credits you can't spend lol

  9. Can’t wait for Vader immortal to get onto PSVR apart from the fact that it’s teleportation instead of actual movement but it’s fine

  10. I’d love to see Jango Fett Mace Windu Qui Gon Jinn Ahsoka Tano Assajj Ventress Savage Oppress

  11. Too bad the live service couldn't pick up again, and battlefront 2 could just have next gen exclusive dlcs, like when gta v when it came to next gen

  12. Another Star Wars game for EA to cancel.

    Don't get your hopes up for a decent star wars game anytime soon.

  13. How cool would it be where we go an infamous style game where you choose either sith or jedi and either side gets certain abilities/benefits

  14. A bug they need to fix is the jet trooper bug, were when you switch to your rocket the game may freeze and kick you out.

  15. A Republic Commando sequel with modern graphics would be fantastic. They could make it a really dark and gritty horror shooter like Dead Space.

  16. I feel like the Project Maverick section of this video didn't age very well. That's 2020 for you bois, shit's turnt in just seven days.

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