Devildo99 Gaming Videogame News Update!!

Devildo99 Gaming Videogame News update for Sunday May 3rd 2020, This update includes 3 stories, the FFXIV funeral, The sony playstation model kit and LOU2 leaks and the multiple copyright takedowns!!


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  1. I like when the community comes together to show respect. SWG did a similar thing when Carrie Fischer, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Alan Harris (Bossk) died. They added memorials for them in-game. And I like models!

  2. If Sony had Brains! That being a big "IF!" they would have made the playstation 1 model actually function! and can play games on it vs the Shit show they did with the Playstation Classic Mini. Just saying they could have easily redeemed themselves but NO!

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