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OMG YOU GUYS I'M SHAKING!!!! WE MADE TOP 50!!!!! Votes have been reset and I need your help to get me to the final round in @CancunDotCom's #CEOSearch! You can vote everyday starting NOW until Jan 13! So GO, GO, GO #TEAMSUNSHINE



THANK YOU to the Search Team and the Cancun Tourism Board for EVERYTHING! This competition has not only been fun, but also inspiring!

To EVERYONE who voted and supported me in Round 1 and especially to those who voted daily, shared, and went to three different Starbucks everyday to vote--WHAT?! I DON'T DESERVE YOU! There were over 6,000 amazing applicants and I'm truly honored to continue in this competition and am completely INSPIRED by everyone who submitted. So awesome feeling connected to so many people around the world!

I received the news that I was in Top 100 in between connecting flights from my hometown of Fremont, CA (But I'm currently living in L.A.) to Cincinnati, OH. I've always heard so much about how unique Cincinnati chili is, so I decided to take y'all on a journey with me in trying the famous Skyline Chili!

Watch my first submission video:

Check out my trip to Greece (mentioned in this video):

Let's connect!

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This has been a very rewarding, humbling, and validating experience for me. I've been hustling as a self-starter, host, producer, editor, and cinematographer for over 8 years now. Thanks to all who have stuck with me since DAY 1. You the REAL MVP! ??

Thanks #TeamSunshine. I LOVE YOU!



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  1. The location you went to is actually my location I frequent! Your bf speaks so fondly of Cincinnati chili! I do their advertising/ graphic design so I thank him and you for shedding a good light on it! ☺️

  2. I’ve lived in NC my whole life, but my mother’s family is all from SW Ohio so naturally I’ve had skyline growing up. I make it every time it gets really cold here.

  3. Something else about Cincinnati. The greater Cincinnati area has one of the largest German immigrant populations in the country. The city plays host to the largest Octoberfest in the country (Zinzinnati), and the second largest in the world (behind only Munich). 500,000 people visit every year, and the streets run gold with beer vendors from all over the world. Our most celebrated food is not Greek chili, but rather Goetta.

  4. If you are lactose intolerant and don't have 1 of those pills in the video, you can get a 2 way, spaghetti with chili on top, or a bowl of chili, but it is not really made thick to eat that way, it is more of a chili sauce.

  5. I just open a can skyline chili. First thoughts out of a can. Very Runny. The flavor isn't that great. To much nut meg! More like a Runny soup. So i tried it. Not good at all. If you grew up in Cincinnati eaten this chilly Then you were used to this Certain flavor. To each there own.! I'll stick with the Best chilli out there in a can! WOLF BRAND CHILI!!! Much more thicker and more flavor! Made in Fort worth TEXAS!!!!

  6. Growing up in Cincinnati, this is a staple for me and a few friends. It really is good, but as said, also a love it or hate it food. The chocolate bit though, I've heard that for years, but never found anything to back it. Still, really good food; chili cheese fries are the best.

  7. When I moved to Cincy in the 80s, a friend eventually taught me to forego the chili dog for a chili-cheese sandwich– more chili and no cheap hot dog in the way. 
    Back then, Gold Star Chili had a Wed special of one chili dog for 25 cents. I would get 4 or 5. I knew kids who would eat 10.

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