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Did You Know That Cincinnati Chili Isn't From Cincinnati? — Snack Break

Did You Know That Cincinnati Chili Is Not American? It's actually originally inspired by a greek style of serving noodles. Find out more in this episode of Snack Break!

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  1. More earth shattering news, did you know New York style pizza is credited to immigrants from… Italy!?

  2. I use to live in Price Hill and worked at the original Skyline. I was always told it was Greek Americans that invented it. It is the best chili I've ever had and still make it at home for my family. BTW without beans is a four-way.

  3. You practically have to grow up in Cincinnati to appreciate what we proudly call Cincinnati chili. There are perhaps more than a dozen local joints that each have there own version. And yes, they all seem to be owned by Greeks. My personal faves, Dixie Chili and Blue Ash Chili. Dixie has the usual 2, 3, 4 & 5 way but they go one step further and offer a 6 way; fresh chopped garlic! BAC has deep fried jalapeño bottle caps you can add to your chili-n-spaghetti, or even a cheese coney – yummm…
    Most of my friends who are not from Cincinnati, even as close as Dayton, OH, have a really strong dislike for it. It's just whatever your tastebuds find delectable.

  4. If you take the basic recipe and tweek it a bit, brown the meat instead of boiling it, lay back on the cinnamon and sugar and go with some good paprika and a touch of dry mustard, this can actually be a decent sauce. Sadly most of the time it is horrifying.

  5. Did you know that Cincinnati chili looks and tastes like shit? Skyline, for instance, is fucking trash. Man Ohio is just the worst.

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