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Christine Ha tries 28 POUNDS of food from Cincinnati

A fan from Ohio wanted Christine to taste some of his local foods, so he sent her gift cards to order barbecue from the Montgomery Inn and chili from Skyline in Cincinnati. He even provided a list of which foods to try. The big box arrives, and though Christine has never been to Ohio, she’ll get to taste some Cincinnati favorites.

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  1. Montgomery Inn is a Staple of The Queen City, Cincinnati but it should also be pointed out that Skyline Chili is also a Hot spot in Cincinnati too! Big shout Out To Jeff for sending the Good Eats to Christine & John!! I'm in Columbus but have enjoyed many meals in Cincinnati during Bengals and especially Reds seasons of play!! Christine & John you BOTH are missed Big Time in here. This is like getting a home visit from you two!! Thanks so much for inviting ALL of US into your kitchen…I'm full as usual! Cheers From Ohio

  2. The main spice you’re tasting in the chili is allspice although there is cinnamon in it. I’m from Cincinnati and miss Skyline Chili like crazy….Goetta not so much.

  3. Well I would walk miles in a blizzard up hill both ways for Montgomery inn. Ribs. In fact we have our Christmas party at Montgomery inn .I would put those ribs up against any Texas ribs. Gotta is a Cincinnati breakfast food good with eggs over easy. Sorry you had to eat skyline chili. The best chili in Cincinnati is the James Beard award winning camp Washington chili. Camp Washington chili has 1 store. It was started in 1940
    It was funny watching you eat them.

  4. Would love to see you do a veggie burger vs real burger. AWs The Beyond Meat burger has me convinced about plant based animal protein substitutes. There’s another brand that is Beyond Meat’s competition but I have tried it.

  5. Yea! I'm glad you got to try all the stuff. Goetta is my favorite of all Cincinnati foods, so I'm glad you gave that two thumbs up. it's something I grew up with. I know the chili tastes different from usual, but my taste buds aren't clever enough to really figure out the difference.

  6. oh! That'so amazing. I am watching yours video at my workplace and maybe i will go outside and get some food like Vietnamese beef noodles or udon because of yours video….Uhm. Christine and John, you both look so happy together. Yours husband is a goodman, who always love and support his great wife. he is going to be the next American Master Chef.hahaha. I wish you all the best. ( I am Duy, from Hanoi capital, Vietnam)

  7. Hi from hk, I have been watching master chef ever since your winning season. Almost cry when I see how good you were even with disability. Just found out you have a YouTube channel, loved your blind test, like literally BLIND test.

  8. Hi Christine! Just stumbled (lol) onto your channel from Tommy Edison. Two of my daughters love to cook, so I will Point them to your channel!!! Come visit us at SixBlindKids!

  9. Yes! Goetta! Oats yes! Not a huge fan of Montgomery, but I don’t like the sauces so much… best bbq in Cincinnati is Eli’s in my opinion. Skyline is a favorite, but personally you can buy the spice packet and make your own with better consistency in the meat and it seems to turn out better In my opinion… onions and hot sauce do it up best. Coneys need yellow mustard and onion also.. at least cincy style lol. Same rule applies with this chili for the dogs, all beef dogs seem to be better. Gold star is similar, but less cinnamon.

  10. Oh my goodness, he cooked a month's worth of food all at once. The Goetta is made with either ground pork or turkey and is served at breakfast. The different types of BBQ meats are from the Montgomery Inn, (I haven't been yet). The last bowl of chili was a 3-way and I think the packaged chili is sweeter than what's served fresh at Skyline.

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