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RESCUE. TRANSFORM. SHARE. The Chef's Solution. | Suzy DeYoung | TEDxCincinnatiWomen

Food Waste and Hunger: A Chef’s perspective and solution. Suzy DeYoung has created a system utilizing the chef community to combat food waste and hunger in Cincinnati. Surpassing 1 million pounds of food rescued in 4 short years, transformed into 650,000 servings, delivered to 83 partnering agencies via a network of over 1500 registered volunteers.The creation of the" Bucket Brigade”,a team of local chefs that utilize imperfect vegetables in their own kitchens, have contributed over 9000 gallons of Soupe for distribution to the hungry. Learn more at Suzy DeYoung is a third generation chef. Her first company, La Petite Pierre was a high end boutique catering and restaurant. Caterer to the likes of Julia Child,Bill and Hilary Clinton, George Bush, and Bruce Springsteen. 5 years ago she sold her interest to focus on the 40% of the food insecure in Cincinnati, Ohio. Suzy now operates a non profit that rescues perishable food, transforms this food into delicious and nutritious meals for the food insecure in Cincinnati. #lasoupecincinnati @soupe_la This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  1. Suzy, you're doing amazing work in Cincinnati! You are helping so many people and you should be proud of this talk. Great job

  2. Just like the 80 Acres talk a couple years ago, another innovative project coming out of Cincinnati to help with the local and global food concerns. Great job!!!!

  3. Suzy, Congratulations on your continuing fight to feed the hungry of Cincinnati, You have given it so much love, creativity and energy. You and your team are an inspiration to us all! Thank you and God bless the success of your mission and vision!

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