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FOOD with Francis: Cincinnati

Join Francis as he offers a unique Boston townie perspective while going on a food tour of Cincinnati to sample all their regional culinary offerings like goetta, Skyline chili and Graeter's ice cream.

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  1. Why this channel hasn't blown up in popularity, like Francis's as*hol* after eating that glop of spaghetti, makes no sense.
    This video is funny, funny shit! But not like Francis's shit after eating that glop of spaghetti.

  2. WTF is with the Midwest and Fucked up food ideas?
    It's all shit that a whinny 6 year old would come up with.
    Parent "Eat your chili"
    Kid "NO!"
    P: "What can I do to get you to eat it"
    K "Put it on Spaghetti!"
    P "Fuck it Whatever…"
    But could be worse.
    Fucking Pittsburgh…
    P "Eat your salad"
    K "NO!"
    P: "What can I do to get you to eat it"
    K "Put French Fries on top!"
    P "Fuck it Whatever…"

    And now whenever I am in West PA I have to make sure to tell them not to put the half pound of soggy Steak Fries on my Cesar Salad…

  3. I’ve got a feeling that we won’t be hearing from Francis for a few days. Perhaps he’ll be attending his next Therapy Session thru telepresence from some industrial-quality (e.g., truck stop) bathroom stall.

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