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This Is Us! A Memorial Day Vlog ~ Taste Of Cincinnati, ybstuckey Graduation 2019 and ???

Hey guys! Join us for a Memorial Day Family Weekend of Celebration! This Is Us... edition...??? Lol, See a graduation for ybstuckey, the Taste of Cincinnati and, well, we had a good time. Join us for family time... Enjoy!

#tasteofcincinnati # memorialdaycelebration #ybstuckey

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  1. I enjoyed watching this video. The street carnival for memorial's day looked fun. Congrats and birthday to the grad.

  2. Happy Birthday. Congratulations to the graduate. Have a blessed day.
    Everyone, I left a thumbs up of support. Thank you so much for being so kind in doing so just like I did. Have a blessed day everyone.

    ~ Sister Lynn

  3. Hey Tracie!! This was a such a nice vlog. Congrats to ur great-nephew graduating. Hes so handsome. Happy Birthday to his mom as well. Seeing u all together was so beautiful. Aint nothin like family and friends. Love ur outfit for Memorial Day. Thanks for sharin. Enjoyed watchin.

  4. Like 22. Love your hair. The street carnival looked like it was really great! Beautiful fountain!!

  5. Congratulations to The graduate you have completed from start to finish elementary junior to senior graduate ???

  6. LoloI guess she was trying to say I don't know what you doing with your life that's something my granddaughter would say??

  7. Hello, Tracy, everything was so Beautiful… Congratulations Austin and Happy Birthday to Austin's Mom as well. What a gift to see her son walk across the stage moving on to what God has for him in Jesus mighty name.
    Be Blessed until the next vlog.
    I'm Just a Prayer Warrior Coming Through!

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