[FFBE] In-game News, 3/24

I'm sorry, I don't like 50 minute news videos either.


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  1. I'm not excted about WoTV anymore. Alchemist code had problems and one shoting or being one shotted while pulling for multiples is bad. Wotv looks the same.

  2. Hi Adora. I am still watching your videos bc of your voice and background music, i stopped playing ffbe 1 month ago though… basically for no reason… after 4 years of endless grinding and loops I just wanted to know, how the story ends but there are soo many other games out there. It was hard to let go of ffbe, but all of my friends who were playing also stopped one after the other. Nevertheless, keep playing as long as you have fun and I will watch your videos :) Just a last thought: when ffbe wotv comes out and you have free time left, you could start making videos of other games (maybe wotv), since I have a weird feeling about the future of ffbe. in my opinion ffbe is too time consuming. the same reason i stoppen playing "the alchemist code" even if I loved it :) cheers

  3. Of course, I've been living under a rock, its called the Moon!! And she casts her beautiful light upon me! If you're rocking the boat please be gentle with it, I work on boats for a living. I also made it. Where can I find discord? is there room for it in the about tab of your channel? Or possibly in descriptions? I should have jumped on that when I heard about it. Thanks for the happy hour content!

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