Square In ! Next KH Game News At Summer Game Fest ?

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  1. For me it doesn't even matter how long it takes to wait for kingdom hearts that eas the fun part about kh3

  2. unpopular opinion: kh3 reMind was trash and not worth $30

    only good part was the data battles

  3. Man I hope so. I could really use a reason to get out of bed lol I need to go out and seek the new adventure

  4. I really hope they can reveal what the next title is, I am just so hyped to see what Kairi can do, and maybe she might get to use different keyblades other than her Destiny Embrace default one like Sora and Riku did in the earlier games.

  5. Ever wonder where Riku found the Destiny Embrace keyblade in KH2 or between it before he gave it to Kairi?

  6. Oh, cool! I think that we will be getting a Birth by Sleep/Dream Drop Distance game featuring Kairi and Riku and it will be like the March 1 journal Jacob posted. We may depend if Dragon Quest will fit in or not.

    Oh yeah, small thing. I'm hoping we can think of a teaser trailer for Kairi and Riku's Birth by Sleep/Dream Drop Distance game on June 2nd {the anniversary of Captain Underpants} and it will have new characters, new worlds and new Dream Eaters to go with them.

    Are you game?

  7. I just want Kingdom Hearts No.13 to be a game. I mean c'mon thats just way too fitting and you never get a better time to make a new Roxas game other than the actual 13th instalment.

  8. I doubt it tbh I would probably say October or November for the announcement for new kh game

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