Game News | Guild Wars 2 Season 1 Returns, Scarlet is Back! + other MMO News & The Last of Us Series

Naughty Clicker News 9th March
Guild Wars 2 Steel and Fire News, Season One of the living world is back. Black Desert celebrates its 4th Birthday, New World helps you choose a faction, FF 14 shows how they forged the first and the Last of Us is getting a HBO Series!

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The Last of Us


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  1. scarlett? why does that sound familiar?

    flashback to the chaos of season 1 and the alt insta-death gift she gives

    Oh… it's you… SCARLETT!!!

  2. Scarlett so cute in her lil hoodie. I want to toss Braham in the Chalice of Tears and let her fully renovate LA with Taimi.

  3. I still think that you should have been the one to voice Aurene. Nika Futterman is a fine voice actor, but you naturally sound more like what I'd think of for a shining crystalline dragon. :D

  4. My theory is that Almorra isn't actually dead and her body in the Darkrime Delves was just a vision from Jormag. Much like the one you as a player get at some point when entering Still Waters Speaking and all the NPCs seem to be dead.

  5. Im a bit scared, because they NEED to make the season 1 missions avaliable to new players somehow, not only veterans. Maybe if you buy PoF you get access to them or something, but new players need the intros to the new characters.

  6. however they do it, if they do it as 'RAID' it would be the final blow that would seal me away in wvw.

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