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Geowoodstock XVI Giga Event Cincinnati, Ohio: Largest Geocaching Event in US; Nature Appreciation

Geowoodstock XVI Giga Event Cincinnati, Ohio: Largest Geocaching Event in US; Nature Appreciation
Thousands of geocachers from around the world converged on Coney Island Amusement Park grounds to experience the largest geocaching event and the first Giga sized event in the US.
YouTube personalities and special guest speakers, as well as, iconic game features were major draws to participate in this event. Thousands of trackables were exchanged in venue areas and events. Lab caches were offered in a record breaking number. Special surprises appeared in every direction. The geocaching community vibe was present throughout the event. These short descriptives can't capture the feeling of actually being there, however, they give a good indication of just how awesome this shindig really was. The venue was situated right on the river which offered a fantastic opportunity to appreciate nature all day long.
Special thanks to those who offered to appear in the video for their time and talent. You guys are truly great and I appreciate you greatly.

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  1. We met so many great people! I love this kind of community get together and WOW!! so many people from other countries ?
    Can't wait for continued correspondence and looking forward to more geocaching events – large and small!

  2. Great to see your perspective on GeoWoodstock. I think most everyone had a great time at this event. I have been to 5 GeoWoodstocks now, and this one is tops on my list because of the amount of interaction with people that I got to experience as part of the GCNW vloggers booth. See you in Fort Worth, TX!

  3. Somehow I snuck into the video! Awesome! Glad I was able to meet you at the GIGA, and Thanks for the Pathtag! New Subscriber…

  4. Another great perspective of Geowoodstock – good job capturing footage. Did you play the game at the GCNW booth and win anything?

  5. Haha…thanks for sharing. This clip much as been shot early in the day. I still have lots of energy at that point. haha… Joshua

  6. Well done :) it's nice eveyone has a little different perspective with there videos , watch them all to get the whole exsperiance

  7. Just been sorting through my swag from Geowoodstock and came across the pathtag you gave me so thought I'd check out your channel. It was such a great day and was good to watch your video, very nicely done. ??

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