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We Did a TAKE-OUT ONLY Food Tour in Cincinnati! – Trying Goetta, Buckeyes and a 3-way ?

Today we're trying a take-out only food tour! Our RV is in the shop, so we headed for a little isolation vacation in a new city: Cincinnati! It actually has a pretty unique and surprising food culture! So grab your snacks and get ready to try some goetta, buckeyes, a classic 3-way (??), and more!

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? Here's EVERYTHING we tried in this video! ?

$9.49 - Goetta from Colonial Cottage
$6 for 3 - Buckeyes from Taste of Belgium
$11.75/box - Opera Creams from Schneider’s Sweet Shop
$6.89 - 3 way Chili from Skyline Chili
$6.39 - 3 way Chili from Gold Star Chili

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  1. Hope you all enjoyed this delicious adventure! ? Once again, we forgot to add the prices to the video ? so here’s the complete breakdown of what we tried and how much each item cost ?

    $9.49 – Goetta from Colonial Cottage
    $6 for 3 – Buckeyes from Taste of Belgium
    $11.75/box – Opera Creams from Schneider’s Sweet Shop
    $6.89 – 3 way Chili from Skyline Chili
    $6.39 – 3 way Chili from Gold Star Chili

  2. Next time have your Goetta with Syrup. Also, cute your chili makes for easier distribution of pasta, chili & cheese. Bonus add the oyster crackers on top. :)

  3. GOLD STAR all the way! You should check out Roebling Suspension Bridge. Roebling modeled the Brooklyn Bridge after this one. Super fun!

  4. How do you guys eat so much all the time and not put on weight??? Do you spend all your time off camera working out!

  5. Awww, love the Queen City ? I live about 40 min away? Glad to see you guys in a familiar area! Happy travels y’all!

  6. OMG you guys were in my city! I wish I would have been able to meet you two. Please come back soon ?

  7. People from Cincinnati are the nicest! I'm in Massachusetts…always wanted to try skyline…both look great… actually everything looks excellent…thanks for the vid!

  8. Next time you go to Cincinnati I recommend Taste of Belgium for waffles and Graeter's for ice cream

  9. As a former Cincinnatian you guys did such a great job describing the food I seen a few other commenters I'm not a fan of Goetta either, and I'll take cheese coneys with onions & mustard over a 3-way any day. I got a buckeye recipe from my sister-n-law I had never heard of paraffin wax until that recipe. Good Luck and Safe Travels.

  10. You didn't have Graeters ice cream? I'm more of a Skyline fan and typically we cut the spaghetti.

  11. Awww the Nasty Nati :) you went there on a good day .Normally its gray sky's , rainy .But its home.I miss it.And you went to skyline .Skyline is the best.

  12. Living in Cali, but born and raised in Cinti Ohio. My family is there and I go home as much as possible. Gold Star Chili and Skyline have always been rivals but delicious. I'm surprised you didn't try White Castle, PenStation sandwiches, Grippos Barbeque Chips or Greaters Ice Cream. I now order these things online whenever I'm feeling homesick…..yum yum

  13. Skyline has cinnamon and unsweetened chocolate in it, probably what y’all were tasting. Got me craving Skyline now. ??‍♀️

  14. go see "le gaulois et ça famille" u will see a down sizing family who decide to live a diferent life in FRANCE whit his family of 8

  15. Ah I remember fondly Cincinnati food. We go there for the Flying Pig Marathon and Goetta is served at the runners breakfast after the 5k and 10k races. Always had some Cincinnati chili while there. Skyline slightly more Greek spiced and Gold Star is more Middle East in flavor. Most non locals do not appreciate Cincinnati chili and that is why there are not many of their chili parlors outside of the area.

  16. Yes! I’m from Cincinnati! Turn up for the Ohioans! 3 ways all the way!

    Like if you’re from OHIO! O-H-I-O

  17. Yes! Urbana is literally the best(they are my friends) !!!! I used to work at Findlay and it’s the best

  18. Thank you for the nice video! I guess, you need a little tray for eating in the car :) It's such a pain to clean again&again!

  19. I am from Germany, born and lived here all my life and I never heard of this strange dish "GOETTA" ? then I googled a bit and … alas! it is "GRÜTZWURST" which is almost the same as "WHITE PUDDING" in the UK ?
    You can learn so much new things from all the YT food and travel videos – I love them all – and your's expecially!!! ❤❤❤ Hugs and Kisses to both of you (virtual ones of course…)

  20. Only Skyline with ALL of the cheese! You guys are so brave for eating it in the car…shoulda grabbed a skyline bib!

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