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Cincinnati – The City That Doesn't Go Anywhere!

Mike Looks At The Map - Episode 15

America's once-pivotal Queen City is seeing a resurgence, after decades of being strangled by highways and overtaken by newer metropolises--and it's got a strong case to be one of America's great cities once again. But can its successful parts grow outward to fit a growing 21st Century urban population?

Animations by David Beach


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  1. This is so INCREDIBLY uninformed. the art museum is in the middle of an amazing park… ugh too much to correct and I don't even love Cincinnati, just this isn't accurate.

  2. Over the Reigns turn up was amazing, it went from being the most dangerous neighborhood in the country to an amazing neighborhood. But they're is still some parts like the abandoned streets that need to be fixed.

  3. There's so many huge development projects underway right now that much of the city will be totally transformed in a couple years. It's already been happening. Also I recently bought a house on one of those hills and it has no trees, just a magnificent view

  4. Thinking about flying there with my crew for the 2026 world cup, just cant make up my mind. Should we book our flight to Cincinnati or Denver? Any advice guys?
    Sorry for my English.
    Cheers from Croatia ??

  5. Ppl be foreal i grew up downtown i saw so many ppl killed my friend linda got shot in the face from a guy walked oit of a bar before she got in halway on vine then my friend sisdy got murderd in the bulding nec to the bar then on 14 i saw two prodtutes get they head beat in bein robbed omg i vant count how many pplwho died in otr and hed right when i was little they ha corys bar bulldog bat silver dollar bar swing bar mass alcoholics then drugs bei. Sold infront of bars bpool room mass grown men married with young girls hangin around in ther trickin in the back omg otr has repeated ther history over three decades tbe same way nevrr diffrent sure they rebiild bulding just good enought for the ppor stupid ppl to br sickerd in i say otr is cursed vause like i said history repeats its self i move far way so my lids vould have a better life at lease he is being hones and not hidden the truth god bless u

  6. U know wat really trips me out when i live down otr ppl robb they own familys and friend's to no matter how much they fixed it up ppl tore it down because all they build is cjeap apartments chargin mass prices for rent and bars that make drunkin drivers or alcoholics drug addicts every ware street girl's on corners thats how otr turns out and every ten years they rebuild al over agian every decade ive live all over vine hill malnerry hill lofth streets clifton hill belive me its easy to build cjeap but are them apartments work the prices no nor ur life eather Washington park was the only real place u cd hang now its much bettrr after yrs of hell down ther all its really about it money money money they set u ip to neliven its safe agian ppl i can rebuild anything but you cant change the ppl that tate it down i pray that ppl cjange for the better cause if ppl dnt change rebuilding wnt matter wate is otr going in circles i belive otr is cursed because so many ppl was murderd for bad reasons so ? pray for cin ohio pray for otr and if they build it gor everyone then why they make ppl move to bond hill faremont Avondale pish ppl bk in mc micken just so ppl who nevet even seen otr mive in they say rich ppl middle class snobb kids took ovrr downtown because the rich ppl wanted yhey kids to get out so they bought down town bit otr is cursed so much bad

  7. Lol u can show otr a thousand times and its not goin to look any better i love vin but im hirt and sad the way i grew up down ther and watch ppl i love eather hirt or died in such horrible ways i know some really beautiful smart loveing woman died down ther in alleys and halways on the streets omg its just not fare the hotels on main i lost femal friend's like i said u can rebuild but u gota change the ppl and stop rebuild bars and clubs try rebuilding pool rooms game rooms things to ectersixe or eat heathi otr is a set up for i to get drunk and eather robb goin to ur var or tricked into drugs or spend wat monry u make so u wnt live descent otr is going in circles repeat history craot

  8. Cincinnati is unique because we have a culture that mixes Midwestern, Southern, Eastern, Western & Appalachian altogether, it even shows in our Metropolitan Area. ?

  9. I lived there for 5 years,I had a hate love relationship with it,I did come back to the West.I miss the people,the city is hopeless.I don't see a bright future for it.

  10. “I was a medium person. I should get to spend eternity in a medium place. Like Cincinnati. Everybody who wasn't perfect but wasn't terrible should get to spend eternity in Cincinnati.”

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