HUGE Star Wars Game News! – Battlefront 2, Jedi Fallen Order Sequels and More!

In this video we discuss Huge News for Star Wars games including Star Wars Battlefront 2, New Jedi Fallen Order games and Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga release dates!

Do you think we will see a Battlefront 3 or other multiplayer Star Wars game? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thankyou for watching and may the Force be with you.


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  1. Hey guys, in regard to what I said regarding the Lego Star Wars release date, I actually read a false article that has since been taken down that for some reason made me say 2019. Concept of that segment of the video remains the same minus the 2019 part. Hope you are enjoying the videos and staying safe!

  2. I have a video idea :
    Discuss a concept storyline for a prequel to jedi fallen order if you were to create one. Characters, planets ect.

  3. I always had more fun with LEGO Star Wars than I did most other Star Wars games, excluding Fallen Order & the Rogue Squadron series! I’m very excited for it. And I’d say just as many are wanting a Fallen Order sequel as what want Battlefront 3, unless EA actually makes BF3 what it should be! What they did with Starfighters by abandoning it completely ruined much of BF2 for me! They promised more & to fix it! I guess in EA speak that means abandon!

  4. I wish we could have a Fallen Order sequel where you can play as a dark side user. That right there, would make my life complete.

  5. i want the lego star wars but without the disney movies and with the prequels so i just want complete saga leveled up to max

  6. Project maverick seems pretty cool. I hope the petition works for bf2 since ea will get money since if they do what the petition works it'll be dlcs

  7. Like someone pointed out…A Rpg Star wars game that you could become anything in the galaxy

  8. Could not care less about LEGO stuff.

    Battlefront III and Jedi Fallen Order II yes please ?

  9. I thought this video was bout the patch this week on bf2. ..instead I was listening to ea news on channel 6 ???

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