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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Cincinnati, Ohio. No real need for sunscreen. Raincoat maybe.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Cincinnati, Ohio. No real need for sunscreen. Raincoat maybe.

Cincinnati is a great state, like all states it has some problems. This video is for people thinking about moving to The Queen City.

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  1. OK—can always tell when someone unfamiliar starts to make list about some place they have never lived—DO not know WHERE you got your FACTS about CRIME—way LOWER than you stated—along with some other STATS you stated are very skewed. But I don't feel like wasting my time to state them—-just thinking about making my own video about 10 GREAT reasons toooo move to CINCINNATI!

  2. I was gonna get behind you on not a lot of variety in food places till you said there weren't a lot of mexican places lol oookay suuuurrreee.

    Weather, lacking public transit, aannd maybe the last one were reasons.

    But that's why you live in the areas surrounding the city instead~

  3. I get the feeling the narrator of this video thinks he is both funny and charismatic. He is neither. Terrible comedic timing, awful dad jokes, and his voice indicates a charisma vacuum. These videos are awful and I wish I could remove my view. If you are subscribed, please unsubscribe. We don’t need to support worthless channels like this one.

  4. ITS OUR THING LEAVE US ALONE?. no but actually skyline chili is great! it doesn’t seem weird to me bc i’ve been eating it my whole life but it’s actually really good!

  5. This video is dumb lol wow ? total waste of time. These are the most ridiculously far fetched opinions I’ve heard in a while. Cincinnati is a beautiful city. The street car is mostly used for tourists and there are tons of buses all over the place. Clearly you didn’t spend much time here. ??

  6. This guy knows absolutely nothing he thinks there’s only white and black people living here when we have a whole ass weekend or something for Oktoberfest??‍♂️

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