10 Times YOU Made A Video Game Harder

Did you know only have one life, and if you lose it, you die?

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  1. Taking Khajiit in Skyrim. Every race in Skyrim has unique abilities and traits to themselves, like Orcs being able to deal double damage in melee or Imperials being able to find more gold in chests etc. But what do Khajiits do? ..Have night vision that can easily be replicated by turning up the screen brightness, and increased fist damage, which cannot really be upgraded like most weapons in the game. So you are stuck with 2 absolutely useless traits while other races have at least 1 good power/effect to them. At least you get to be a kitty.

  2. Oh lord… Cheesing…please don't let Sekiro be on this list. Imma be honest, sometimes I'm a boss at the game but other times I completely goof.
    I swear I'd never contemplate finishing it if not for some cheese tactics.

  3. Though not the entire game, Undertale has a hard mode when you enter in the name Frisk for the fallen child. It only lasts until the end of the ruins, like the demo of the game, but it still is ramping up the difficulty

  4. i remember on destiny when it first came out, i found a small under ground area that i spent like an hour trying to fight a level 40 dude when i was at most level 10, thinking "yeah, this will give me a bunch of xp" i spent like an hour for basically nothing

  5. Choosing Mystic in the first Kingdom Hearts or playing co-op in any Borderlands game. Mystic is easily more difficult because you deal less melee damage, which makes it much more difficult to even get past sparring with Riku and Borderlands co-op makes the enemies stronger and it also allows the other player(s) to steal your loot. While this was remedied in Borderlands 3, it just isn't truly Borderlands if you don't choose "Coopetition".(Personal opinion of a diehard Borderlands fan, btw.)

  6. im pretty sure one of the UFC and WWE games adjusted opponents fighting style/way of winning based on how you beat pervious opponents

  7. When I played MGS V I never had enemies outside of certain missions to start wearing helmets even though I got them all exclusively with headshots. I only used one of the first couple of smg with rubber bullets because a headshot knocks them out instantly like the tranq gun but if for some reason I miss or get spotted I can burst them down before they can react but still take them with me if I like their stats.

  8. Dark Souls and the Drake Sword. It is damn good when you get it, but upgrading it is a waste and you'll just waste precious souls. Eventually you realize it just doesn't cut anymore and now you have to get another weapon upgraded to carry on.

  9. I literally clicked this video thinking Final Fantasy 8 and then went on a mental tirade as to why just to see it pop up mid thought.

  10. How about 'The Company of Champions' in Dark souls 2? Went through a good amount of the game in that covenant not realising i was playing it on hard mode.

  11. Great and interesting video.

    I see you had a clip of Max Payne right at the start. That was supposed to have ‘adaptive difficulty’. I played it so much I tried out variations. I discovered if you kill each enemy with a single headshot from Payne’s Beretta, then by the 4th or 5th level it started taking TWO headshots to kill them. The tougher goons took 3. That was about it!

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