14 Things To Do With Friends in Animal Crossing New Horizons – Animal Crossing Switch Gameplay

So you've created your #AnimalCrossing island, you've opened up Blathers' museum and you're up to your eyeballs in debt to Tom Nook - what next? Well, how about inviting a couple of friends over and getting up to some fun activities? Here are just a few suggestions to get you started - feel free to add your own in the comments below! Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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  1. Musical chairs is a great idea, however pretty sure you can't move/place furniture when you have people visiting your island, which means you can only play one round.

  2. Did Eurogamer release their weekly FF7 playthrough vid Monday? I didn't get the vid and, when I searched, couldn't find it. I thought they had one or 2 episodes left. It isn't a big deal, really, I just enjoyed watching them and I got curious.

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