Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Game Releases: 20 – 26 Apr 2020 (Upcoming Indie Games)

Welcome to yet another week of great indie new indie games & let me be your guide!

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Help Will Come Tomorrow ►
The Shattering ►
Cloudpunk ►
Touhou Mechanical Scrollery ►
Nira ►
Filament ►
Obey Me ►
The Flower Collectors ►
Mini Healer ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. Itta looks great! The atmosphere gives the titan souls feel with the hyperlight kinda mechanics, amazing games comming out recently anyways greate vid mate.

  2. Thanks so much for including ITTA a final time before release! I've always appreciated being included in your upcoming games videos!!

  3. nice list its a shame how some of the people in your discord act went in there to show you something i thought u might like and had a guy trying to put me down that is why developers like to keep to themselves lol

  4. Mini healer would be probably great for those who are sick of toxic behaviour towards healers in mmorpgs – they should make one for tanks too if the game is received well.

  5. Looking forward to trying out ITTA. The fact that it is a bullet hell kind of scares me but I'm glad you can adjust the settings of the game.

  6. My picks will be

    Gordian Quest ► I may get it next month, I don't like geting EA games.

    Touhou Mechanical Scrollery ► I can't wait, I hate Bullethell but I want to see the system in 3D

    Filament ► I'm so bad at t his games, but love them

    Obey Me ► Look amazing, I wanted new Beat'em up game… wait SoR4 this week too.

    The Flower Collectors ► The music take me

  7. What a great list!
    But among the titles in it, most of all, "Gordians Quest" and "Help Will Come Tomorrow" caught my eye!

  8. I see help will come tomorrow and just think of this war of mine don't worry everything will be fine tomorrow

  9. Cloud Punk and Mini Healer look decent. I will await to see reviews
    I normally play heals in MMO's FTW

  10. Gordion Quest seems like something I'll wanna try once it's a bit closer to completion. Help Will Come Tomorrow definitely seems worth a try as well and possibly Mini Healer as well.

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