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Nintendo has been busy doing things outside of just games with several cross overs being announced with their theme park set to be opened this Summer. Now it looks like LEGO will be partnering with Nintendo and specifically the Super Mario brand. Out of nowhere a band posted on Facebook that they had just licensed music out to Activision for use in the new Tony Hawk game for 2020. Can Activision bring this franchise back after Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5?

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Time Stamps:

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC - 1:10

GameCube Port Mod For Switch Dock - 2:45

Ori Review Scores - 4:00

Tony Hawk Game Leaked - 4:58

Nintendo X Lego - 8:32

NFL 2K Agreement - 10:43

Animal Crossing Famitsu Score - 13:35

Comment Of The Day - 15:00

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  1. Rather have a remaster version with online of the first tony hawk that was a awesome game

  2. Fk activision, I'd even buy an EA skater game over activision. Wish tony got his uh, name? franchise? to a better company.

    And I am going to wait for 3 months after 2k makes whatever they're making. More confident in them than EA/Bethesda but they're still low in my confidence meter.

  3. I haven't bought a madden in like ten years, but a new blitz with today's tech would be a definite pickup for me.

  4. Tony Hawk himself is not at fault for the decline in quality concerning the Games after the Pro Skater original series, n Underground. Tonys thru and thru, a living legend. U can tell hes all in n not a bad guy at all. Its the devs who shit on his name n dragged it thru the mud for whatever reason. Hawk may be partly at fault, but not fully. As a Tony Hawk fan n lover of the classics, it deserves a decent reboot, like ff7l

  5. Lego mode/level for Mario Odyssey would be pretty cool. If it worked well in Forza, surely it would work well in odyssey

  6. Ok, so picture this. On the PS4 we've had so far a Crash Bandicoot trilogy HD remake, Spyro trilogy HD remake, Abe's Oddyssey HD remake, MediEvil HD remake, Resident Evil 2 HD remake, Final Fantasy 7 HD remake. What the Next Logical Step? Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 HD Remake! Then your PS4 will officially just be your PSX's reincarnation

  7. its going to be a LEGO super Mario game.. as in a VIDEO game.. like Lego Harry Potter or Lego DC super heroes! the Colour Palate alone is a Perfect fit – its a no brainer to me

  8. its not gonna happen next year either,. this is it,. just remaster the first 3,. we don't need a new one,. it'll just end up likeTHPS 5

  9. Would love a NFL playground or NFL street. Mario LEGO Game would be cool. The LEGO series of games is probably my fav non Nintendo series. The Nintendo legos that’d be awesome. I think there is some Nintendo LEGO like things but it’s not LEGO if it’s official LEGO & Nintendo that’d be awesome. Idd definitely buy some. If they used all Nintendo series & characters they’d definitely make a lot of money. People that collect video games usually collect toys. So makes since for Nintendo & LEGO to collaborate.

  10. What makes you think that dude didn't have permission to talk about the new Tony Hawk game? Has Activision come forward to say that he did? Maybe they allowed him to talk about it in order to drum up hype.

  11. I'm actually shocked that a Mario/Lego crossover hasn't already happened years ago. Sure took long enough.

  12. Spawn, I actually really enjoyed THPS5. I know alot of people hated it and had high hopes for it but I had low hopes

  13. It's been 4 year's since we lost GameStop in Puerto Rico and it hasn't been the same. I hope that Reggie saves GameStop and brings it back here.

  14. the Gamecube mod seems easy enough that i feel confident i can do it , i just eyeballed my adapter and looked a the dock and it has the room for it , it is so obvious now that i think about it

  15. The EA/NFL deal was one of the biggest tragedies in sports gaming history. It snuffed a great product in the 2K NFL series, it stifled competition and innovation, and it lead to the demise of one of the best baseball series of all time when 2K responded by buying up the baseball liscense, not to mention that it left xbox gamers without a baseball simulation option for an entire generation unless they bought a PS4.?‍♂️

  16. Reggie can't lose. If Gamestop fails, it was a sinking ship with no chance. If he puls it off then a great sucess. Either way he is keeping busy and ghetitng nice cash no doubt.

  17. A good Tony Hawk again? Why not.
    Nintendo and Lego hmm. What they show here is kind of strange LCD thing.
    I'd love to see F-zero legos or just a Smash Bros Line (with amiibo tags?)
    Football wise, I wanna see more fantasy made up sports. We have the tech and physics, lets get creative.

  18. 4:00 My idea would be to think "below the box" in this case. Propping up the Switch Dock upon a Controller-Port-box (ironically somewhat like the GameBoy Player was underneath the GC) would be the best option in my book.
    10:45 I feel kinda bad for Mario. Announcement:
    "Lego x Super Mario"
    "Which other Nintendo Franchises could we get? Don't care about these coming Mario Sets, but…"
    Actually it's not new at all. The only new thing is that it's officially endorsed by Big N this time. (Just type in Nanoblocks and Mario in the ebay search mask.)
    I am a little concerned though. Lego-Bowser will be an abomination. Given Lego is hell-bent on their Mini-Figures being compatible to each other…
    (Granted there are the bigger Lego Friends Figures, but these are all tall and lean as well, so still no good Bowser template…)

  19. I've never really liked the lego videogames, but if they make it a good game, I might give them another go

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