2K Announce New WWE Video Game | Wrestling Veteran Teases One More Match

2K have just announced a new WWE video game. We take a look at all the details, plus news of a veteran wrestler possibly teasing one more match, and AEW’s Cody revealing which big WWE match he was originally booked to win.


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  1. The new game looks awful why the moved away from previous 2k dlc legends new signings etc then they announce this garbage

  2. I mean it’s always possible the reason why they or even maybe other promotions will launch their own apps because of the times we’re living in currently and they need to make income somehow to stay afloat ??‍♂️

  3. like is anyone gonna mention that 2k Battlegrounds looks like shit? like those graphics looks like a mobile game to me. Btw I love wwe allstars and would love more games like that just fyi

  4. For me, WWE ALL Stars was in my top 3 favorite wrestling games ever ( 1. WWE Smackdown HCTP, 2. WWF Wrestlefest, 3. WWE All Stars), so I'm kinda stoked about this Battlegrounds jawn.

    **And before anyone asks "What about No Mercy? What about the SVR franchise? I never had an N64, thus was never able to play No Mercy, and as much as I liked some of the SVR franchise, I didn't like them as much as Wrestlefest & All Stars.

  5. Honestly, neither of their last two releases has been even half good.

    Glitchy AF, reskinned same old crap. 2k Hasn't made a decent game in years.

  6. At least give it a try, people. I applaud them for doing the right thing and delaying the main series. I loved All-Stars. All the haters can suck it cause WWE games need this shot in the arm. Now if the game sucks (or is loaded with microtransactions like 2K normally does) that’ll be another story.

  7. The game looks fun. While I completely understand why others might not like it, it still looks like it would be an enjoyable experience. I do prefer the art for All-Stars, but I mean we've only seen this very short trailer so far.

  8. Lol…aint buying any of this garbage…
    For people who bought 2k20, this is for you…but lets be honest here, you people would still buy 2k21 even if its another completely broken same game

  9. Please, for once, just one time, can you please tuck that goddamn tuft of hair into your hat! It's too much now, Jack! TOO MUCH! You're not 14! Even though you look like it, YOU'RE NOT FOURTEEN-YEARS-OLD!

  10. My personal favourite multi-man ladder matches in WWE:
    1) IC Title ladder match (WM32)
    2) IC title ladder match (WM 31)
    3) Raw MITB ladder match (2013, when RVD returned)
    4) MITB ladder match (2016)
    5) North American Championship ladder match (NXT Takeover New Orleans, 2018)

  11. Why don't they just copy the stuff like arenas and attires from 2k20 and the transfer it into 2k19 and give us a draft or GM feature and put it in 2k19 so then the don't have to make All Stars 2 just saying.

  12. Far more excited about Battlegrounds than the future of 2k2X tbh. The Playgrounds games were easily some of the most fun Basketball games ever made, so the dev has a pretty good pedigree (Heh) for this sort of thing.

  13. Does nxt count? Cause my fav ladder match is definitely the NXT North American title match at Takeover New Orleans.

  14. Don't care about this new wwe game is fucking sucks it looks suck over the top bullshit" this game is not going sell.

  15. I bought 2k20 after It was on sale, ive played maybe 6hrs before the online glitches and disconnecting ruined it.

  16. I’m fine with a year of no full 2k game, I think the new game will appeal to those who want more arcade style anarchy rather than realistic wrestling

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