two dads reunite siblings and celebrate first Father’s Day

Reinaldo Barbosa and Brian Bartal photographed with their children Nadia, 16, Brooklynn, 14, and Lorenzo, 6.

When Brian Bartal and Reinaldo Barbosa met in London in the summer of 2013 while Bartal was on a business trip, kids did not initially fit in the picture. That was before what they describe as their "wake-up call" changed everything.

Bartal, who works in aviation services, and Barbosa, who worked in finance at the time, believed their lives were too all over the place to even consider the thought of kids –  literally. 

After meeting Barbosa in London, Bartal transferred his job there. Then the couple moved to Dallas, where they married in 2015. Then after Barbosa’s visa was approved, the couple moved back to Europe and settled in Luxembourg. They came back to the United States, first to Seattle and then to Cincinnati in 2017 when Bartal's job was transferred here.

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