Team needs to rebrand shoddy ‘crest’

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Football Team, known by another – infamous – name for 87 of the franchise's 90 seasons (and Boston Braves for one), finally unveiled a long-awaited rebrand Wednesday.

More infamy seems likely to follow. 

Twitter may not be the most accurate canary in the coal mine, but its legion of users were largely unkind to the "Commanders" reveal – including what seemed like a chunk of the club's fan base.

Unscientific polling of my Gen-X Washingtonian friends, who have supported this team since its heyday in the 1980s, revealed apoplectic reaction and disbelief that a two-year process to reboot the organization birthed ... this.

(And, as a U.S. Army veteran, I can only hope Washington hasn't disenfranchised its significant legion of itinerant military supporters by aligning with a rank – commander – unique to the Navy, but I digress.)

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