Why Animal Crossing Got Banned in China

Last week, Animal Crossing: New Horizons got banned in China.

Well, sort of. It's hard to ban a game that's not officially on sale in the first place. Now, though, it's a lot harder to track down a copy of New Horizons via an online retailer, because import copies of Animal Crossing have been removed from common internet shops.

There's no official explanation for this just yet - the Chinese government doesn't always do official explanations - but all signs point to this being related to ongoing protests in neighbouring Hong Kong, where fans of the Animal Crossing have been using the new game to stage online protests inside their Nintendo Switch consoles.

Weird, huh?

So, if you live in China and you want to hang out with Isabelle, Tom Nook, and the rest of the island villagers, you're stuck. But, then if you're in China, it's impressive that you're even watching this video, considering that YouTube is banned there. Not Animal Crossing: New Horizons banned. Proper banned.

Anyway, hope you're doing well. Stay safe, and remember: other people are poison.

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  1. ive had more than enough money for the switch for going on 2 years but i haven't fully committed to getting one until early march when i thought about what might go down. went to walmart first week of march in a rush and realized i came up a little short so i had to leave the switch there and come back the following week. in only 6 days their entire stock was gone and now people are saying there will be no switches until late summer or later. perfect

  2. Communist is land of the no freedom to live in China is not better. It always censored the media and games, it’s limited to play games with some content removed. China is not a bright and utopia place to live but live under communism is very strictly and everyone not have right to be freedom life.

  3. Right. I'm not racist, but I really do not like China right now! Not only are most people there the reason as to why we're stuck indoors right now, but they won't even give my boy Luigi a chance just because of spirits! And no. I'm not making a joke about China and spirits, because YouTube would cut my balls off!

  4. Plus a Mainland Chinese version is planned but now lot of peaple there fear a hardcore censorship and feature removal mostly because of the "no English rule" and yes animal forest has been sent for approval from nintendo a while ago even before the game came out would wide

    Plus nintendo was even forced to censore the word POW because of the "no English rule"

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