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Top 5 Bangkok Buffets by Thaifoodies

Hi Foodies!  Well the Thaifoodies team has been doing reviews of some of the best restaurants in Thailand for almost a year now and we thought it was about time that we have you a Top 5 list.  Buffets are incredibly popular in Thailand right now and boy do we have some really great ones.  So check out our video above for the reasons why we thought each buffet deserves to be in our top 5!

We have listed each of the winners below along with the original video and blog post link in case you haven't yet seen it.

NUMBER 1 - The VIU Restaurant at The St Regis Bangkok 

NUMBER 2 - Flavors Sunday Brunch at The Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong

NUMBER 3 - River Barge Buffet at Chatrium Riverside Hotel 

NUMBER 4 - Amaya Food Gallery Friday Seafood Buffet at Amari
Atrium Bangkok

NUMBER 5 - Summer Palace Dim Sum Buffet at Intercontinental Bangkok

BONUS! - There were so many buffets that we wanted to include in this list that we had to include one more as an honorable mention!

NUMBER 6 - Maya Restaurant and Bar Sunday Indian Buffet at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

We really hope that you enjoyed our Top 5 Bangkok Buffets.  Please leave a comment if you want more videos like this one and please don't forget to subscribe to our website and to our Youtube Channel at Thaifoodiesco


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  1. Hi brian this is much way helpful. I will try your top 5.. specially your number 1… and the honorary mention..:) keep it up.. i am one of your first 20 subscriber..

  2. Do you also give culinary food tours in Bangkok? (Or other cities in Thailand). I’m planning to visit Thailand after summer 2019 for months I’d like to meet you Guys. I love the culinary as being a chef in gastronomic restaurants international.

  3. No raintree cafe? Cuz to me that was the best in bkk or perhaps I need to try your recommendations to truly know the best as I haven't tried these.

  4. Some really interesting choices. My wife and I enjoy doing personal reviews and rankings after all of our buffet visits; honorable mentions to Rain Tree dinner buffet (upscale excellence) and Meridian Surawong weekday lunch (variety and value) – and now we have another informed perspective! St Regis definitely on the list and Maya for a wild card choice. Thanks and happy eating.

  5. 800 baht is more my price range. Im not a big fan of sea food but the friend im going with doesnt like sea food at all if any…these are not going to be the places for me

  6. 1500 baht for the Amari Watergate seems expensive when you consider how much food you could buy elsewhere in Bangkok for that sort of money (ie 80-120 baht per main at a food court – even a nice one like Central World)

  7. Like your videos, but just can't eat at buffets in certain countries. The cultures are different and what's acceptable grosses me out. I have noticed that people in Asian countries have no problem picking up food with their hands to smell of fell the texture and putting it right back on the buffet. Happens in Vietnam also. I'm like how is that ok? The dim sum place would work.

  8. Know of any Indian lunch or dinner buffets in Bangkok for pretty cheap? 200-300 baht or less? Or any Indian places that offer cheap takeout: one curry plus one nann for around 100-150 baht? Bangkok seems to be lacking where this is concerned.

  9. Hey any recommendations on Thai fine dining in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, I am looking for an absolute fine dining restaurants. Price is not an issue at all. :)

  10. why the hell, as your girl friend goes past the food trays is she touching, picking up, examining, then returning the food. Others in revulsion start wondering how often she walks out of using the toilet without washing her hands….that would be a dead maych to this revolting behavior.; maybe picking toes under the tables, or scratching an annoying itch at the crotch from an old half dead pimple. Gad, I'll find another video and another panderer of less offensive videos.

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