Star Trek Online (PC) | Game News (Star Trek Online Legacy 10th Anniversary Event)

Hello Captains! This is your host, Brent Justice and welcome to my channel JustGaming4Us. In this video I'm going to share the latest game news in Star Trek Online on the PC from the main webpage. I will go over all the new sto updates and news relevant to the game.

The 10th Anniversary Event has been officially launched, welcome Star Trek Online Legacy Event.

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  1. A tip to level up your capitan,.. Do the NEW EVENT TFO, I went from a level 2-3 science captain to level 10 within like an hour or so cuz you can play it over and over again! Lol (as long as you are NOT…. AFK you will get a cool down penalty and won't be able to play ANY TFO'S for up to an hour)

  2. I gave Star Trek: Discovery a chance and I like it. Sonequa Martin-Green better known as Michael Burnham is a very good actress and I was blown away to see her in this game. You are still one of my go to STO channels but we have different opinions on this.

  3. 11:10 so i actually started to breed Tribbles but dew to illness i ended up taking a break from all gaming (chemical depression sucks)

    ok i cant believe that kurtland here is a stat you actually track thats lightened my mood.

    im terrible at keeping up with the new episodes i think i let them slide at about the Delta Quadrant though good news is i have lots still to play :D

    ok that new pack is mighty tempting.

  4. I have over 99 Admiralty cards to help get rewards as much as the legendary bundle would get me more with 10 more ships. Not even going to bother saving up for that set. I did enjoy the two new story missions though as well as the new TFO.

  5. I get it.. it's cool to hate on Discovery and even I am not much a fan these days… but Discovery content being there "makes sense" because they are literally celebrating ALL Trek era's at once… and they are pretty much required to to continue working with CBS to promote both, as if they were all part of the same continuity

  6. In terms of character placement on the front page, Michael is only in front because she is the newest voiced character for the game, whereas Seven was introduced back in Delta Rising.

  7. They should go back to the missions they were making pre-discovery era missions because the ViL missions were brilliant and the missions like ‘Schylia and Chrybalis’ (i know i screwed up the spelling) i replayed that mission today and it fits perfectly into sto where Discovery doesnt. (im on ps4 so i haven’t got the new stuff yet)

  8. Its amazing. You constantly complain and cry about DSC so I'll cite Captain Pike here: "I dont mind dissenting opinions. I really dont. But they need to come with solutions." You take every oppurtunity to shit on a series that isnt nearly as bad as you keep droning endlessly on and on about. Please get off your soap box and critique constructively. Unless you're trying to be a troll?

  9. What the fuck does how many tribbles or where kurland was have to do with anything.

    Where are the real stats, how many people play the game on each platform. The odds of winning a promo ship or luck box.

    Honestly, cryptic are a bunch of fucking idiots

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