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The New WKRP In Cincinnati: "Can't We Get Along?" Episode 29

The station starts airing editorials from Lash Rambo (a thinly veiled fictionalization of real-life conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh), whom many DJs object to. In protest, Razor plays Ice-T's "Cop Killer", making Mr. Carlson decide just how extreme, to either side, the station should be willing to go.
Season 2 Episode 5: Directed By Frank Bonner


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  1. This episode helps me see where we lefties went desperately, tragically wrong.

    There was no "free speech" issue here; a radio station is a private entity and doesn't owe points of view equal time. It can have values and stand for them, and refuse to promote hate and destruction. Because free speech and fairness are so important to us, we went overboard and offered no resistance as conservative talk media grew into a monster that brainwashed rural and working class America.

    That said, Razor's sweet roughness is utterly charming. His dancing is glorious.

  2. Does this mean that the feminists were wrong to take "Baby, It's Cold Outside" off the air and that it really doesn't promote and encourage date rape?

  3. Why must they always make the Right a bunch of ass clowns. I don't know anyone like that. Then they push their Liberal crap like their so smart. This episodes sucks ass.

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