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Hippo Fiona and Her Moms Favorite Foods Part 2 – Cincinnati Zoo





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  1. Like asking a human "What's your favourite food? A Sultana or a peanut. lol

    I did find it interesting though because as far as I know there's not many plum or banana trees in (most) the areas they live…i know they get out of the water at night and graze, but Hippo's aren't really the type of animal that would eat out of trees and I don't think a few fruit trees down by the river would have fruit on them for very long.
    So I'm guessing just smell and appearance?

  2. When Maggie was sick and not eating at the L.A. Zoo, I brought melons and papaya and threw them into the pool (whole). Otis, the bull immediately gobbled up melons but Maggie wouldn't eat even though they floated right in front of her snout. Then Bull Hippo nudged the papaya over to Maggie. When she realized what it was she grabbed it. This was all done surreptitiously. Keepers told me soon after, that she began to eat again.

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