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Skyline Chili VS Goldstar Chili Mukbang! Which Is Our Cincinnati Favorite?

Welcome back to Tracie’s Place!!! We are taste testing a Cincinnati favorite rival - Skyline Chili vs Gold Star Chili throw down! Which one tastes better? Enjoy as we choose our favorite!

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  1. ??? Who Dey? Errrrbody Can beat them Bengal!! Hahahaha
    Go to DQ without Izzy?…. he will have a lot to say. ???
    I like both Gold Star and Skyline, BUT Gold Star's Pepsi is always on point.

  2. I rock with both but:
    Coneys: Skyline, the cheese is fluffy and fresh(I like that the cheese is melted on the bottom and fluffy on the top)
    Fries: Goldstar , there fries are crisper and they have more options for fries.

    Coneys wise I'd choose Skyline everyday. But for everything else Goldstar.

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