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Skyline Chili VS Goldstar Chili Mukbang! Which Is Our Cincinnati Favorite?

Welcome back to Tracie’s Place!!! We are taste testing a Cincinnati favorite rival - Skyline Chili vs Gold Star Chili throw down! Which one tastes better? Enjoy as we choose our favorite!

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  1. ??? Who Dey? Errrrbody Can beat them Bengal!! Hahahaha
    Go to DQ without Izzy?…. he will have a lot to say. ???
    I like both Gold Star and Skyline, BUT Gold Star's Pepsi is always on point.

  2. Both are good. But my favorite is GoldStar. Cincinnati born n raised, but I've been in the south since 2000 thnx to the service. Cool video. God bless!

  3. I rock with both but:
    Coneys: Skyline, the cheese is fluffy and fresh(I like that the cheese is melted on the bottom and fluffy on the top)
    Fries: Goldstar , there fries are crisper and they have more options for fries.

    Coneys wise I'd choose Skyline everyday. But for everything else Goldstar.

  4. Goldstar is watered down Skyline. Even the Skyline canned product is better than Goldstar. Goldstar is like Church's Chicken-the bottom of the barrel.

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