Indie Game News #1 | 28 March 2020 w/ itsDair

This is the first episode of Indie Game News, a show meant to spotlight a much larger number of indie titles than I can actually play on the channel. In order to help with this endeavour I have summoned help in the form of @itsDair to add his perspective and interests into the indie game mix, so that we can offer a much more varied selection or genres.

2:20 Soul of War:

5:22 Blue Fire:

6:43 Dreamscaper:

10:05 Diabotical:

12:35 Grand Guilds:

15:37 Stela:

17:30 Imagine Earth:

21:27 Curse of the Dead Gods:

25:21 Songs of Syx:

28:25 The Last Campfire:

31:35 The Siege and the Sandfox:

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  1. I got Soul of War shortly after it came out. I was addicted from the start. The developer is constantly updating it. It is not just a simple hack and slash with no goal. It leads you to possibly get your own land and build your won village. Well worth the time to invest.

  2. Imagine Earth and Curse of the dead gods look interesting. I like this type of show, gets the word out on lesser known games.

    Another game that showcases ecological problems is Eco – "Create a civilization capable of stopping a meteor without destroying the ecosystem in the process. " It is in early access and depends on the type of server you get into cause it is heavy into cooperation and having people pick different jobs. Mining stuff was OP cause it stayed relevant in lategame but it all depends on how many people you have on a server and how much you cooperate.

  3. P.S. check out Deep Rock Galactic for a fantastic co-op experience. It'll leave early access soon and it's a ton of fun.
    "Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. "
    Dwarves getting drunk and mining for gold and gems on an alien monster infested planet – what could go wrong? :D

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