College During Corona: Video Game Graduation & Zoom Bombs | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Trevor looks at how college students are feeling about online classes, how they’re celebrating graduation and which stars are slated to give virtual commencement addresses. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  1. As someone who was an Ivy undergrad, went to grad school at a major s atee university. ad taught ata small local college, an unrecognized feature of elite institutions is the student body. First, you do learan from each other in STUDY GROUPS AND IN THE QUALITY OF QUETIONS ASKED IN CCLASS. sECOND, IF ALL OF THEE STUDENTS ARE AT A HIGH LEVEL, THE PROFESSORS CAN DELIVER THE INFORMATION LIKE A FIRE HSE. at aa state university, They throttle back a lot because they do not want to leace a lot of students behind. Further down the scale, the curriculum is strippped down to the basics. If your kid does not have he mental horsepowe, you are doing him much of a favor by getting him into a school fa above his level.

  2. Corona is disinfectant against zionism. All countries with BCG vaccine have low death rates. It's a biological weapon created by China, targeting zionists. China will soon falsely accuse Japan for the origin and the west will buy it.

  3. I desperately needed labs in at my university, but seeing now that its closed I've been force to do things digitally and do on computer simulations, which all fail. Which also sucks because I am afraid I might fail two subjects this term.

  4. Distant learning…I do it since 1997 and it is far superior than that bullying crap in offline schools and universities. At first with letters. Later by the internet. Sucks to be 23 years behind me you Moomers.

  5. 02:26 – lol…too stupid to mute and block others but calling themselves "students".

    That's like those folks in online multiplayer games who constantly yell "shut the fuck up" because they are too stupid to mute other gamers.

  6. Trevor calling himself a COD and BF veteran and him getting excited about a "busty college girl" tab shows me: brother's off fleek.

    University of Phoenix by the way has a way superior math and physics department than Yale. Buying yourself a position in life doesn't mean that you get the best training and become a global player. Just watch Nikola Tesla…

  7. Screw virtual commencements. No one cares. Gives our graduations. Delay them if you must till October. But when most students are paying $100k to over $300k for their college education, then you owe us. Especially when you’re holding events later on in the summer that are profitable for the school. Also, you’re not getting your tuition money back. They’re still teaching you and giving you a pass/fail option. Deal with it. You could be out a job like 30 million hard working Americans.

  8. Fuck you to make a joke of the fact that college girls had to take a class where their lecturer had porn of college girls on the screen. This is not funny. This is sexist and creates a hostile learning environment.

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