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Welcome to Krogers in Historical Over The Rhine Neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio

This is the Krogers in Over The Rhine Neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio which is supposed to move further south into Downtown Cincinnati in a couple of years


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  1. This store won't be open in a few years from now. They're moving to a newer and larger store on Central Parkway along the streetcar line.

  2. when I was a little girl I used to live just on the corner by the paint store in that building up over the chili parlor used to be the chili parlor I was eight years old I'm 57 now the Kroger's is still there I used to walk people's groceries home from that store elderly people and people used to just walk their groceries home I sure do miss that store I'm sorry it's going to be closing down it was a convenient for all the people that live downtown thanks for showing this video I really enjoyed seeing the inside of the store

  3. I went to that Kroger in 2005.
    That area use to be pretty dangerous.
    There was a huge open air drug trade right there .

    You wouldn’t see white people at all

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