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Cincinnati Style Chili – The Chili War!!!

It was developed by immigrants, but Cincinnati Chili is not an ethnic food. A uniquely American cuisine, chili is the food of assimilationand a Cincinnati tradition. In the city, there are over 300 chili parlors. We visit three of the most popular: Gold Star, Skyline and Camp Washington.


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  1. If you like cincinnati style greek chili, there are no bad chilis. There are many chili parlor chain locations, and there are many 1 owner parlor locations, .and they are all good, it is just a matter of which one your preference is. It is that simple. I think it is great that they can all make an honest living serving chili.

  2. i like when the servers are a grouchy immagrant family lol just a joke-does blue ash chili still exist? i had to get use to cinci style chili i love it now!! but i like moms the best!!

  3. How is the young blonde lady at gold star with the black turtle neck and cream white sweater not married ? She has no wedding band on. If i were not married, i would be trying to woo her everyday, seems to have a great personality and she is beautiful.

  4. Anyone know if the young brunette from skyline's marketing dept. with the last name Lapham is kin to the retired bengals player, Dave Lapham ? Was just curious.

  5. That's Chili "SAUCE". It's only good when poured over other food. Real Chili is "Chili Con Carne". A real bowl of Chili is much thicker and is a meal all by itself. And YES I agree… Texas Chili sucks. I was a judge in a Texas Chili contest. It was all WAYYYY too thin and WAYYY too salty. Wendys Chili is much closer to the real thing , but I've had better.

  6. I think if people come from out of the cinti chili region, and do not care for it, and want something that is more of a chili versus a chili sauce that we in the area all like, we should at least be courteous and refer them to frischs, or terry's turf club, or someplace where you know that they serve good chili, just to be hospitable.

  7. I think they should have named it chili sauce also, people who are expecting thick chili like texas style or even frisch's chili are confused when they 1st try it. I really like it, i like all chili's actually, lol

  8. Love Cincinnati chili… but I've never been to Cincinnati! My mom lived there and raised us in Minnesota eating Cincinnati chili she made from scratch. I wanna visit Cincinnati and try all these places!

  9. I eat skyline chili once a week also I loved camp Washington chili and go Star chili overall skyline is the best I order the three way which is spaghetti chili cheese oyster crackers Tabasco sauce and a dr. Pepper yum

  10. Been to Cincy many times, love the Chili, we can buy Skyline at the Fry's grocery stores here in Phoenix, (frys is Kroger) like 4.00 a can, but we make it from scratch, we have two recipes, not sure which is better,

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