Daredevil Video Game News & Rumors & Updates

Daredevil Video Game News & Rumors & Updates

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  1. Daredevil would be a perfect character to use for a big budget, open world videogame because you can spend some parts of the game being a lawyer as Matt Murdock and other parts being a super hero as Daredevil

  2. I fuckin love daredevil lmao if they make a game omg ima slap my ass n make pigs fly Bc damn it doesn’t seem real but shit what if , imagine playing as daredevil with the same quality as Spider-Man ps4

  3. Can’t they just put two into together and decide daredevil gets a video game within the same exact universe as marvels Spiderman PS4!? Why the hell would they not do that!?

  4. I think the DAREDEVIL game will happened in the future of marvel games. I've seen rumors on other websites saying there will be one in about 2 to 3 years for development.

  5. To answer your question no there not hiding Daredevil. It's just one little mistake saying it's not coming out. We've got all the positive rumors.We should be good after we play Marvel's AVENGERS in late 2020.

  6. I take it back. DAREDEVIL is not coming. It's so not fare:( so not cool. I don't understand why but at least we get Marvel's Avengers. I'm very disappointed:(

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