The Last Of Us Part 2 New Release Date Possibly Leaked | Coming Sooner Than Expected

It seems that the new release date for The Last Of Us 2 may have been leaked by Amazon Italy. Recently we learned that the highly anticipated sequel is delayed indefinitely due to logisitcal reasons, but now we have a listing for a new date that does seem like it could be real. Obviously we have to wait for the official word from Sony about this upcoming PS4 exclusive but I do have a few reasons why this date might be legit.


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  1. Edit: just so everyone is clear, I am not saying both TLOU2 and Ghost Of Tsushima will release on the same day. That would never happen. Im saying that if this leak is true then both games essentially got delayed by one month. I could see Sony doing this.

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    What do you think about this leak, do you believe it or do you think it's not real, let me know. Also let me know in general when you think we will finally get out hands on The Last Of Us Part 2.

  2. So why the hell u goin to do a video about this,if Sony didn't comes out about.. alot of rumors, an look now u had to take down one of ur videos, too much rumors and then u run with it, ur so foolish..

  3. Now that usa is finishing lockdown in 2 weeks, we could get a new release date straight away!!!! Possibly 26th june. Then ghost of tsushima comes out august 7th

  4. Hey guys I’d appreciate if you sub to my channel I have the last of us videos coming up and I want to keep everyone hyped until the release of the last of us 2 subscribe and I’ll release a video this week if I reach 300 stay safe guys peace

  5. In anticipation of this glorious sequel and a cure for covid19 self isolation boredom.. checkout my NEW walkthrough of the classic The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4. No cuts. This aint ‘some’ wimpy gameplay with all cut scenes. No HUD. Survivor & Grounded Mode. ALSO just a reminder that the Last Of Us is not a goddamn stealth game franchise. Joel’s knees probably rly ache.. and he aint about strategically placing bodies out of sight. Rather this is about straight forward BLUNT action

  6. Sooooo fucking bored of all the false information, given by YouTubers .. it's not going to be released in June… They wouldn't have refunded 1'000s of people just for a month…… Quit with all the nonsense now until naughty dog actually speak…..

  7. I paid 3/4 of the purchase price at counter and it's been my preorder status since last October. Was sooo looking forward to paying remaining 1/4 and picking up the game on release date that I've been waiting months for. Don't want my$back… want the game

  8. I bought my ps4 this past black Friday for one reason, to play this game. Plz just give it to us already, I'm not the only one sick of waiting.

  9. This game is not coming out this year. Naughty Dog is not gonna post anything new on TLOUP2. If they do great, if not well…recently on IGN some Gamestop stores are reopening. Good chance to bring not only physical copies but perhaps digital copies on the PS store? If it becomes a PS5 exclusive, I would be pretty sad.

  10. i want the ghost the last of us waited to long to bad let it stay in its time spot and let the ghost show us his journey, come on its a free roam open world game with stunning graphics and a samurai forgive for saying this because i love the last of us but hell naw I'm not waiting for 2 more months for the ghost and then for the last of us to steal its spot when simply its pretty much a game were you play it once and your like dam that was a good ass game…..time to find another maybe sell it, unless i can free roam and have a full open world game with zombies stay away from the ghost and be for the last of us.

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