Devildo99 Gaming Video Game News Update!!!

Video Game News Update for April 18th 2020, sony gives away free games, the Fallout76 wastelanders DLC is live, special xbox system and more!!


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  1. Thanks for the news man.
    I need to turn on my PS4 to get those games, even though I think I have the collection…I can't remember lol.

    What is the bullshit source that says that early PS5 models over heat? I would love to find out. We don't even know what it looks like, there are already people who know that "early models" over heat. Please.
    BTW, I have heard that console "x" causes sterility and growing of a third arm.

    I'm sick of fake news just to cause stir. If there is solid proof, where is it? If there is no solid proof, don't help spread BS.

    BS spread, that sounds nasty. lol

    BTW, have you heard anything about a possible "mini" Dreamcast or other Sega console?

  2. Fair coverage of Wastelanders, acknowledge the positive, recognize the mistakes. I hope PS5 has it's own VR that can handle PC style games. I'd love PS5 and PC to both share games with each other. Thank you for being one of the only people to completely trash the randomized items label, while they should do more, it's already more than I ever expected them to do. Maybe one day we will fully beat the lootbox menace.

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