This week on TGC News, Jon Patton is talking about Italian rifles from Victrix that look like they came from call of duty, a fancy new 22 pistol from volquartsen, getting silencers shipped to your house and IWA gets canceled, again.

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● Victrix Armament

● Volquartsen Habu

● IWA gets moved

● Silencer Central

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  1. Ian McCollum Forgotten weapons covers the evolution of not only a firearm but the history of the action type and then sometimes he shoots said weapon or “In Range” with Ian and Carl.

    If I’m researching a modern weapon to purchase I trust TFB

    Or MAC

    I like Paul Harrel just generally

    I like this channel for seeing what’s new and on its way to market

  2. Jon, direct to door is NOT new. SilencerShop was doing it in Texas circa 2015. I know because I was a recipient. They got ATF approval. Don't know if and when they stopped, I left Texas.

  3. ATF Regulation and the Gun Control Act specifies that all "firearms" (including silencers) must be transferred at the location listed on the license and that the transfer must be in person, face-to-face. That company will have to show the actual variance they have obtained from ATF Industry Operations, lest I call bulls*t on them.

  4. My dad bought me my first handgun the summer I was getting my license (I was almost 16) with my money I earned earlier that summer it was a high point c9 (I bought it because he had just given me a high point 995 rifle and I wanted a perfect pair) and I had put a couple thousand rounds through it. but a few months ago I sold both because they weren't reliable and I bought a ruger security 9, but I don't know what to get next a pc charger or an ar 10 (I'm turning 18 in August)

  5. Hickok45 is entertaining, TFB TV is spicy, Military Arms Channel is pretty dang good, Small Arms Channel is legend, of course Paul Harrell is the grand daddy of content. Forgotten Weapons is high on the list for history lessons. I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

  6. i have a question for legal brief… if you bought a pgo shotgun even tho it never had a stock is it still a shotgun bc of the 18 inch barrel? asking bc it would be dope to take a pgo double barrel and throw a brace on it then cut the barrel down (since for whatever reason no ones done it. just like braced mares legs or revolver carbines)

  7. Too hard of a question… TGC is best gun news and quiplash content, AK Guy is funny AF, Demo ranch is the family we love to follow, MAC is respect level 9000, WPS is who I want to be when I grow up… CnRsenal is what I look forward to the most every other week even more than payday, along those lines Forgotten Weapons too cuz I love history… I'll be here until next week if you keep making me try to choose

  8. I don't see how not verifying identify gets around the law either. Part of the background check is visually verification of a person. EI, this picture of the ID matches the person standing in front of me instead of someone just giving me all the information. Having a fake ID is an entirely different issue. I imagine this all being done online and shipped to your door probably has a video component to it of some sort. Skype, Zoom, facetime, etc. Something that can show this information is coming from the person it's supposed to.

  9. In no particular order:
    Best gear reviews – Mrgunsngear, Nutnfancy, Garandthumb, PewPewTactical, and sometimes MAC and Alabama Arsenal
    Best news – TheGunCollective and AR15.COM and Colion Noir
    Best Drills/Training – Warrior Poet and T Rex Arms and HaleyStrategic
    Sometimes Iraqveteran8888 and SageDynamics they have what i would call interesting gear tests
    Occasionally TFB but I dont agree with alot of there assessments

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