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How to Do Social Media Marketing Cincinnati-Base @MikeMarko1

How to Do Social Media Marketing Cincinnati-Based - Mike Marko -

00.00 Hi. I'm Mike Marko. Are you looking to learn how to do social media marketing Cincinnati-based, get those kind of results in a Cincinnati area? Well, I have a video here that I want to explain to you exactly how to get social media marketing in Cincinnati, so that way you'll actually get the results that you're looking for.

00:18 Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you some slides with you that show exactly what I mean by actually how to get effective results.

00:26 Okay, so what traditionally happens here, as you can see, is that people... what they do... is they have their website. They then link through some SEO, or search engine optimization to that website. And they'll do some Facebook promotion, and maybe some Facebook retargeting ads to get results to the website.

00:42 They may have other social media platforms, but typically. it's kind of a typical strategy that might focus on one platform like Facebook, or LinkedIn, and so on, and just start posting content trying to get results.

00:53 They may even throw in some Google AdWords that we're targeting to try and improve those results.

00:58 So, what I want to do is I want to take a step back here. Let's look at overall what the typical strategy is.

01:01 So like I said before, you'll have Facebook maybe, a website, and it might be linking back and forth. They might have some Facebook ads, some retargeting, and they might be using Google AdWords trying to get and draw some traffic to their website with some SEO, search engine optimization.

01:16 So, overall, it's a pretty typical strategy.

01:20 Let me draw a circle around this, and throw on some additional social media platforms.

01:25 Again, you might have social media platforms, but if you're not using them right, you're not going to really have an effective use of those results. So you have, maybe you have, again, depending on your target audience, you may have Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube as your secondary social media platform. And those will be linking to your website, trying to draw traffic to your website.

01:48 And it should also be concerning, too, if people sometimes like to stay on social media, so you want to actually have links also going to your primary social media platform.

01:59 And then, we add in all this other stuff first, as you may want to have, like Reddit, Yelp, Google Business, Bing as well, and all these things work in concert.

02:28 You can see here an overall strategy, you actually have to bring all these things in, again, depending on your target audience. The targeted audience, understanding your targeted audience is key to getting results in how all this works.

02:21 You might even have some email marketing. Email marketing can be extremely effective if done properly as part of an overall omnipresence strategy. What I like to call this is the “Pervasive Presence Engine”, where basically, you're there all the time for your target audience.

02:36 So, as you can see there's an overall strategy you can use if you're trying to get and improve your results in the Cincinnati area with regards to your social media marketing.

02:43 So, implementing a strategy like this, like the “Pervasive Presence Engine”, is key to actually getting results because if you don't look at all these different platforms, you're actually going to be missing audiences. Some people might be on one platform and not the other, but by having a presence like this, it really helps, especially if people start showing interest, and start using retargeting, and effectively, what retargeting is is basically what happens is you're there all the time.

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Contact me if you have questions:
Skype: r.mike.marko
Phone: (513) 580-4598

Video: Mike Marko - How to Do Social Media Marketing Cincinnati-Based


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  1. hello je viens de voir de ta vidéo c'est sympa et intéressant merci je transfère à mes amis je t'invite sur ma chaine aussi.

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